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OLX.in : A Free Option for Posting Classified Ads

Classified ads has always been a simple and effective way to reach to the consumers. It has been relatively cheaper than other traditional advertising platforms. With the rise of online classified websites, the word cheaper for posting classified ads has turned into the word free.


Online Classified Ads are Free

The biggest pull of online classified websites are their free to post nature. Due to this, apart from the thousands of businesses uploading information about their product and services on these websites, there are thousands of other small sellers who has something useful to offer, but could not find a cheap place to advertise and yet reach their target audience.

Small sellers can distribute some pamphlet or give a newspaper classified for a day or two. But on online classified websites, they can not only post their ads for free, but keep getting more and more viewers everyday.

How it can improve the customers experience

To understand this, let us consider a scenario where a small flat owner based in Delhi, wants to put his flat on rent. What options does he have? He don’t have deep pocket to publish it in newspapers, neither you can expect him to be familiar with social media. Now think, if he really has a good deal to offer. Cheap rate with proper facilities in place. Now, think if you need a flat in Delhi and that flat matches your every requirement.

What are the chances that you come to know about the availability of the flat, or you get the same deal if you need to go through brokers. Practically none. This is where online classified websites plays an important role. Because, now our flat owner can place an admabout his flat on the website for free. You can now search the flat you were looking for and not just one, but among thousands of similar ads.

Classifieds are for everything

From buying, selling or renting. Online classified ads have placed the power in consumers hand. They can reach the world, without spending anything. With the hundreds of thousands of visitors online classified websites like OLX is  receiving, one can be sure of their post being read by more and more number of people, everyday.

Modern websites are also offering mobile version of the site, so that one can search for the postings or make an ad from wherever they are.


Delhi is expensive and finding Delhi free classifieds is a big deal in itself. Online classified websites has made this process similar and cheaper. What you need is a browser with an address newdelhi.olx.in

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