SEO Tips to Convert Leads into Customers

Is there anything more frustrating than a prospect you chased for a while, subscribes to your competitor? Imagine your months of hard work, has gone for a toss. You would have spent hours together optimizing your website and generating leads for your site.


But have you thought about lead management? How many leads you generated have turned into customers? Well, it would be just a few among hundreds. Remember, your work is not just increasing your site’s visibility and generating leads, but also converting the leads into customers. It’s very difficult to predict when a potential lead will turn into a customer.

Here are a few tips to convert leads into customers:

A Picture worth Thousand Words:

In just the blink of an eye, charts and infographs can convey a lot of information to your leads. Consider adding an image to your posts that can attract new customers. You can try adding a chart showing rising values of your product or your online portfolio that can create a strong impact about your business.

With charts, you can even get the complex information about your products delivered to your customers very easily. And there’s a high chance for a typical lead to decide whether to buy or not with these images.

Be Persuasive:

Give your leads a reason to interact with you and try influencing them by crafting a powerful experience. Create an experience that makes your leads say – “Wow, that’s amazing!” In other words, try creating an interactive experience. Do remember, you are not just selling your product, but you are building a strong relationship with your customers.

Make your customers believe that your product is worth their hard-earned dollars. By doing so, you are not only selling your product but also enhancing your brand’s reputation.

Create Compelling Content:

The most important step in the process of conversion is – Content Marketing. You need to create valuable, compelling content with a strong call-to-action that can attract leads to your site. Know your goal and develop your content accordingly. Check out for hot trending topics that your customers might love to read.

You can consider writing blog posts and infographics with interesting headlines that can grab the attention of your leads as well as search engine spiders. But, make sure that you have short headlines rather than having lengthy ones.

Do Promise Your Customer:

Most of us, always wonder whether to promise our customers or not. In my opinion, it’s always better to promise our customers. At the same time, avoid making promises that you can’t keep. And when you promise, focus on the needs of your customers, rather than focusing on your features.

Your customers may not understand how your features will help their needs. So focus on the needs and promise them with solutions to their specific problems.

Engage your ‘A,’ ‘B’ and ‘C’:

If you find lead management difficult, then try categorizing your leads into different categories – A, B and C.

A – Leads eager to buy your product immediately.
B – Leads planning to buy your product pretty soon.
C – Leads inquiring about your product to buy later.

Now that you know your A, B and C, develop content for each category and have them engaged. Keep in mind, it’s not all about business, so pay attention to every lead and try learning something about them and their interests.

While there are many things you can consider, following these simple sure-fire tips can certainly help you convert your potential leads into customers.

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