5 Must Have Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Smartphone is defined as the phone which is really smart and can be configured according to your lifestyle and customer specification. The number of Smartphone users is increasing day by day due to the path-breaking trend this innovative technology oriented phone has started in the society. The Android Training Course is a mandatory and exhaustive course and covers concepts, modules, application development and everything related to android.

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Below are mentioned five essential applications for any Android based Smartphone. Without these applications certainly your cell phone is incomplete.

1. What’s App Messenger to shut all the climbing phone bills

If you love sending texts and messages then this application is a must for you. You can exchange millions of messages in one day and without incurring a single penny for it. Just make sure your phone is WI-Fi connected or you have some source to be connected to the server and you can socialize in an unprecedented way.

You can connect to your friends and family replacing the mode of the SMS messaging and without moving your budget by an inch. This is free for your Android based phone.

2. Pandora for a new and stylish Music Experience

You must have encountered your friends and family members who are shunning their iPods because now they have access to the Pandora, which enables them to configure their music playlists according to artists, albums, and they can also select their own music stations according to genre or even on the basis of the single song. This application comes with the free version for your Android Smartphone and lays add after every few songs.

3. Flipboard experience all your likings in one place

This application presents you all your favorite links which you have subscribed from the World Wide Web in a magazine format. You will now relish your android experience as this application is free and you can also get the updates from your friends which you have subscribed on the Facebook and Twitter. All these facilities at one place make this application even more famous among the users.

4. Flashlight more than just the normal screen light

This may sound absurd because it is considered as a waste of space and users do not find it useful. But this will certainly give you enhanced light which is much more than the light just the screen of your phone passes off. In addition, the application if free for the uses and comes with an installed compass, which makes sure that, you are heading in the right direction with this new bright light application.

5. Rayman Jungle Experience Jungle in your Palm only

You become the title character and can take him to the adventure of the jungle full of snow, mountains and different lands to face varied challenges.

All these Applications are must for any Android based Smartphone. In fact these applications make your phone complete and you can solve the dual purpose of functionality and the entertainment through these applications.

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