Best Practices: Landing Page Optimization

Making a landing page which will attract visitors to your website and make them want to go further is a challenge for anyone. It is essential that you use best practices to ensure that your landing page is one of the best (if not the best) out there on the World Wide Web. Keep in mind that visitors will arrive at your page through many channels.

Landing Page Optimization

For instance, through print ads, pay per click (PPC), email offers and even an organic search. Once they are on your site, you need to ensure that they find the information they are looking for. If not, they will simply leave and go back to another site.

Remember that a landing page is simply a web page that keeps on providing information that the visitor has seen elsewhere. For example, an email offer for a hotel package should bring the visitor directly to a landing page where further details about the offer are given.

It sounds easy but you need to be on the ball where this is concerned to ensure that you do not have a high bounce rate. As mentioned above, visitors who fail to get complete information will simply turn to another site.

So how do you go about ensuring that you have landing page optimization? Follow the points given below:

  • Determine your strategy: This is a key point to keep in mind while designing your landing page. Are you going to use an existing landing page or develop a new one? If rank is what you are looking for, you may be better off using an existing page.
  • Keep the primary headline the same: Ensure that the primary headline on the page is the same as the one that visitors have clicked on in order to visit the page. Also ensure that your landing page has the same look as the primary website.
  • Stick to the information you want to provide: In other words, stay focused and pay attention to what information you wish to provide the visitor with. If you have a page on travel packages, ensure that everything on the landing page provides information related to it. A landing page should have just one message and everything should be focused around this message.
  • Use proper keywords: Ensure that your keywords are correct and should not be more than 3 or 4 words. Do a keyword search and optimize a few terms on the landing page.
  • Visual appeal: This is important for a landing page. You can add to the visual appeal of the landing page by putting an image along with the offer you are making.
  • Eliminate navigation: Try to eliminate or at least reduce navigation on the landing page so that visitors will be able to focus on the goal and not get distracted.
  • Give a free trial: Throw in a free trial of your products. Most people expect this anyway and it is just another way of getting optimization of your landing page.
  • Include security and privacy statements: If you are asking for personal information, be sure to add security and privacy statements on the page. This will help build up the visitor’s trust.
  • Use video: Research has shown that using video helps to improve conversation. A video will attract the visitor’s attention right away. Showcase your product/venture in this manner and you will benefit immensely.
  • Testimonials: Put up testimonials from people who have used your product. This will help create authenticity and give more value to the landing page.
  • Put in other offers: Urge people to make the most of visiting your page by putting in special offers such as “Save Money if you buy now” or even “Book Now”.

Follow the above best practices and you are sure to achieve landing page optimization.

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