Getting Quality and Affordable DVD Duplicators has Become Easier

If you are a video producer or trainer, you need multiple copies of your DVD. There are several companies which specializes in DVD duplications; however, as the hardware costs are falling in the market, several producers have started thinking of owning their own DVD duplicators. There are few important factors you must consider before deciding if you need a DVD duplicator or outsourcing is a better alternative.

DVD Duplicators

Factors to Consider while Deciding about Buying a DVD Duplicator


Getting the duplicate copies involves cost. If you outsource it and number are less, then that is a good deal. However, if you need medium to large number of copies of your DVD’s perhaps owing a DVD duplicator can make costing sense. DVD duplicator has some initial investment cost involved with it. If you could recover the cost, after some quantity of DVD duplication, having own DVD duplicator is always a better idea.


Owing a DVD duplicator becomes all the more important if you need DVD duplication frequently. You save time on sending your copies to and fro to the outsourcing vendor, you save money once you recover your cost.


If you want to do some last minute edits and restructuring, having your own DVD duplicator helps you to meet client deadlines, despite last minute changes.

Ready to buy a DVD Duplicator? Consider these Factors :

1. Disk Capacity

There are two kinds of disk capacity you need to consider while making your purchasing decision.

2. Hooper Capacity

It is the number of disk your device can store. Best option is to go for the one, which could automate the whole process without any input.

3. Drive capacity

It is the number of simultaneous DVD copying process, DVD duplicators could run. If you need high quantities of DVD copies, you need to put special emphasis on Drive capacity.

4. Write speed

DVD writing speed at 8X is much slower than the writing speed of 20X. DVD Duplicators also vary the speed based on the type of media getting copied. You need to check beforehand, the DVD writing speed of the type of media you want.

5. Automation

Another important aspect to consider is the level of automation you are looking for in a DVD Duplicator. It varies from fully manual to fully automatic, with pricing getting increased in that order. Based on your requirement and labor cost in your area, your decision might get affected.

Summation Technology has now introduced highly capable and affordable DVD Duplicators for consumers. Pricing is just right for such good DVD duplicators and range is absolutely amazing, including auto loading and non-auto loading DVD duplicators. Their DVD duplicator also work as CD duplicators. All the units are tested in house and passed through high quality parameters.

To know more visit www.summationtechnology.com/dvd-duplicators.htm

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