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Remember the Gunbound? Gunbound was the free-to-play, turn-based, room-to-room, multiplayer online game with many similar features to the popular Worms game series. Taking the mechanics of Worms – a popular strategy game in the 90s which, in turn, took the gameplay of Scorched Earth – and simplifying it to give us a small arsenal and control over a single character rather than a team of worms, and adding a mechanical improvements and upgrades.


Dragonbound try to recapture the magic of GunBound (which still exists , by the way), just in a game created in HTML5, which means you can play it directly from the browser. The interface for browsing menus and options needs some work (looks bad), but once we got into the game, it is extremely easy to play.

Dragonbound Basics

If you have never played Gunbound or Worms, then here is the simple mechanics. We are in control of an avatar, which in turn controls a vehicle (which we can exchange, clicking on “Mobile” before starting a game, each car has different properties). Control it via directional arrows. The object of the game is to eliminate the opposite team, using our vehicle for all kinds of projectiles fired.

The bottom is occupied by a bar, which comes to represent the “strength” of our trip. The more you let down the space bar – used to shoot – cover more distance the projectile. With this, we will gain GP, game currency, we used to buy items, both cosmetic as others that change the balance of the game (give us more life, offers top shells, etc.).


The game is free, but like everything in this era, is populated by a large number of micro-transactions. The problem of micro-transactions is that they are extremely expensive. The prices shown in the store are “rent” for weeks, months, that is, the item disappears after that period. The cost to purchase the item is usually much higher.

If you are able to install, however, may prefer to play the original game. But if you only have access to the browser, or want to kill time for a few minutes, Dragonbound is a good alternative.

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