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Triangle cables is a Las Vegas, Nevada based computer cable and accessory store that sells to government agencies, schools, retailers as well as end users. The store operates in the online environment as well and is known for the quality of products of offer, impeccable customer support and great discounts among others.

Triangle Cables


The pros associated with Triangle cables are many. A few of these include

Huge Range

The greatest advantage related to Triangle Cables is that they have a huge range of options to retailers as well end users to choose from. Some of the categories include Adapter couples, audio video extenders, audio video wall plates, power cables, quality testers and tools, telephone accessories, inkjet cartridges and TV satellite items among others. Each category is full of options and a buyer would never need to look for an alternate.

Great Discounts

Since the store operates in the online environment, the cost associated with operations, office space is on the lower side, and the benefits are passed on to the customers. This is the same reason why the company is offering huge discounts on almost all items. In addition, coupon codes can also be used to get additional discounts on a few products.

Secure Payment Gateway

The client can be sure that the payment gateway is sound and secure. The same is managed by renowned organization Yahoo.

Order Status

The site also offers a unique service where you can track the status of the order by just entering the order number and zip code of the delivery area.

Detailed Descriptions

Detailed descriptions along with clear images are present with each product and you can be assured that you are purchasing a product that is apt as per your needs.


The site also contains the first hand reviews of each product in detail. This helps a customer take an informed decision and decreases the chances of buying a product that is not able to deliver the results.

30 Return Policy

The company also offers a 30 day refund policy. A percentage is deducted from the amount as processing fee charges.


You can have the product delivered at any address as per your convenience. This means you are not required to waste time and money in driving all the way to the store to make a purchase.

The Verdict

Triangle Cables is certainly one of the preferred alternatives when it comes to purchasing computer cable and accessories. The advantages on offer certainly overpower everything else. Out verdict, you can rely on the store without thinking twice.

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