Match Good Product with Great Service through HelpDesk Software

A good product with clear unique selling points are enough to get customer’s attention. But, what compels them to buy your product or services is the after-sale service. In today’s world of inter connectivity, providing customer support through different channels is not a matter of choice but a necessity.

HelpDesk software

Installing helpdesk software which could provide options to support your customers through multiple mediums, like phone,email, facebook, twitter etc will help to attract and retain customers having different tastes and preferences. Zoho support is one such way to offer multidimensional customer support for increased productivity and customer’s satisfaction.

Advantages of HelpDesk software

1. Single point of contact for end user

The biggest benefit of using HelpDesk software is that you can provide a single point of contact to your customers. They don’t have to figure out the right phone number or email address to raise an issue. They could just create the support ticket, communicate and track the progress from a single source. It is a assuring and reliable way to resolve an issue, both for customers and the providers.

2. Possibility of 24*7 customer support service

Today, as reach of the services and products are getting more and more global in natures. Your customers can be anywhere in the world, in different timezone, and it is very important for you to be available to your customers 24*7. Helpdesk software with an interactive web portal, provides the benefit of round the clock availability to your customers. If your industry is competitive , this single feature alone can make or break a customer.

3. Tracking

Another important and often overlooked feature is the ability to track previous issues. Once you start getting old in business, there could be thousands of issues, which your support department might have resolved. Having the log of each one of them can be a datamine of important information . You can get useful insights about the common problems, standard solutions , customer’s experience and quality of support among hundreds of other details.

4. Reports

Having organized helpdesk solution for your business also help you to get useful and important report like numbers of issues getting raised, solutions being worked upon etc. These reports along with the tracking ability can be your tool to increase and take your customer’s experience to another level.

5. Support material for customer’s education

Helpdesk software is not only about raising a ticket, but much deeper engagement with customers. Provide knowledge portal to your customers can help pre-resolve issues and reduce the number of tickets getting raised.It also assures the customers that you know what you are offering and you can provide reliable solutions, if an issue is raised.

These are just few of the thousands of benefits, a helpdesk software can provide. While getting a helpdesk solution for your business, cost, ease of use, multiple platform support, extra features etc are very important parameters to consider. Zoho support is one such helpdesk software which can take care of all the needs related to customer support.

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