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Getting the right IT Security Solutions for your company

With the advancement of the internet, more and more computer are getting interconnected. Even a workplace having thousands of computers are interconnected through intra network . All these connections means better data flow across the systems, but it also increases the risk of data theft, data loss and compromisation of systems.


As the volume of data getting shared has risen manifolds in the recent years, cyber attacks has increased with the similar pace. Cyber security solutions are also required to innovate at the similar pace, so as to better detect and remove these threats and develop new responses to continuously evolving attack vendors.

While selecting a IT security solutions provider, you must consider few important factors which will help you to get the best solution according to your requirements. The company must be able to provide a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity systems which can make accreditation and certification much faster, smoother and efficient. It will help your company to match up with the strict industry and government regulations and policies. It shouldl also help you with the network defense which is unmatched.

The factors you must consider while selecting a IT security solutions provider are:

1. Their network engineers should be experienced and well trained . If you are going for CISCO firewall, the network engineers must be well adept in installation and maintenance of the device and system

2. The system must be able to detect and prevent network intrusion from unauthorized users. The IT security solution provider firm must have solutions which includes Palo Alto Networks firewalls, sourcefire, CISCO IPS 4300 etc

3. Systems should be in place for data loss prevention and protection against advanced persistent threats

4. Malware detection and prevention systems must be in place

5. They should also provide network security incident event management, vulnerability scanners and protocols analyzers

6. They should be able to conduct network system analysis to detect and defend proactively against network anomalies and identify root causes of network degradation of service

These are just few of the important points you must consider while selecting a IT security solution provider. Another important criteria is to consider regarding Governance, Risk and Compliances, in short GRC.

The team from the security company must be a team of security professionals who are certified and has the deep knowledge and experience in designing and implementing cyber security solutions in sync with the compliances on systems.

TWD IT security solutions and cybersecurity systems help you manage evolving threats and minimize your risk across all endpoints, delivering information assurance that ensures compliance on systems and areas that range from “unclassified” to “secret” security levels. If you as a company is serious about getting a world class IT security solution , you must consider the services of TWD IT security solutions .

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