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Virgin Media Offers 6 Month Broadband Up to 30 MB and Calls for Free

Virgin Media has launched the new free and fibre optic broadband deal to cater to the individual everyday browser’s needs. To make the broadband service reliable, cost-effective and frill-free, Virgin Media has introduced a new deal for customers. Here, the subscriber strikes an 18-month deal with Virgin Media and gets free broadband for the first six months of the contract, with an option to get free unlimited weekend calling.


Virgin Media claims three times faster broadband service than the UK average broadband speed, making downloading and uploading data simpler and quicker. The subscriber can download music albums, TV shows and movies in 18 seconds, 102 seconds and 5 minutes, respectively on an average.

This service from Virgin Media comes with a Virgin Media Super Hub, which is essentially a combined router and modem that is capable of ‘ultra strong signal’ throughout household space, and is ‘future-proofed’ for speeds of up to 120 MB. The deal guarantees unlimited downloads throughout the contract for subscribers looking to download media regularly.

This scheme is currently priced FREE for the first 6 months of the contract, post which the subscriber needs to pay £14.50 every month for the remaining 12 months of the 18-month contract. The Virgin Media free and fibre optic broadband offer gives the subscriber an option with phone service. The subscriber doesn’t need to necessarily pay for this service. For subscribers who require using a phone, they may switch to Virgin Phone and enjoy unlimited weekend calling to all UK landlines, Virgin Mobile numbers and 0870 numbers.

The Virgin phone service requires the subscriber to pay £14.99 every month for the contract period. What comes along in the bag is free Internet security for viruses, malware and spyware, and parental control. The servicing and repair facility is free on broadband and SuperHub. 24-hour support is also promised with telephonic expert IT assistance.

Conclusion – Virgin Media

All in all, Virgin Media claims to charge ‘perfect tariff for small households and everyday browsing’, and provides speed that is fast enough for the subscriber’s requirements. Their website virginmedia.com has all the details about the latest deals and offers.

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