A Look at the Current Trends in Web Development

An impressive array of new and innovative web development and designing solutions have come up offering various features and functionalities and for now these are the current and emerging trends in web development. When the aim of developing a new and impressive website is providing the user search engine friendly navigation and layout that can gain the trust of the customers and leads to profits, there is something new and unique that is happening in the world of web development every day offering better and more advanced solutions.


Beginning with HTML, CSS and after that PHP and Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress etc, the CMS based on PHP have made functioning of web development process quite easy. Those who wish to ensure a robust online presence can opt for professionals for a content rich and appealing website. Today interactivity and content are the two most vital aspects of a website.

In the previous years the web developers had to depend on licensed software and programming applications for creating dynamic web pages but since open source platforms and languages have been introduced, the dreams of the past have become a reality these days.

Not only are these open source platforms compatible with database applications and majority of operating systems, but also capable of providing strong online support to the system. The latest trend among businesses is the usage of PHP based CMSs.

Current Trends in Web Development

  • CSS is also known as cascading style sheets. Its latest version is called CSS3 which come up with the latest features and functionalities that transform the process of web development making it simpler, easy to understand and attractive with border radius, rounded corners, box shadows, multi column layout, opacity, etc.
  • For creating static pages HTML is considered one of the topmost languages with its latest version i.e. HTML5 which can do everything that Flash can do. HTML along with PHP works remarkably well to produce dynamic web pages.
  • One of the most preferred languages of the world for web development, PHP creates appealing, user friendly, fully working and functional web applications. PHP has transformed shopping cart and development of e-commerce website in a creative way. The PHP programmers combine it with HTML to get saved from lengthy coding.
  • When great level of customer satisfaction is required, JOOMLA offers the best framework which is commonly used for creating e-commerce portals, communication tools, critical internet directories and stock control techniques.
  • For both the small or big enterprises WORDPRESS provides a magnificent way of creating a website along with the opportunity of modifying, editing, updating the website content in the most simple and easy manner. Using WORDPRESS a completely robust website can be created that understands the business needs of the clients and where the user himself can make the changes quite easily. Anything from customising design and template by making changes to logos, fonts, graphics, images, widgets or anything can be done.
  • With open source platform of DRUPAL any modification or changes in the software can be made. Apart from delivering excellent performance, it is a great aid in making online presence around the world.

With the inclusion of mobile functionality in the recent years and a tremendous use of Smartphones, online marketing tools and social media networking, the business people are looking for more innovations so that the users can get outstanding experience on their websites.

This is initiating the need to hire php programmers who as per the latest trends in the field of web development can present a robust and user-friendly website to ensure maximum profitability.

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