Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case – Review

Today we will be reviewing the Official Samsung Galaxy S3 flip case. As the prices of smart phones, especially premium ones, are touching new heights, protection of your smartphone without losing its aesthetic appeal is of primary concern for the users.


Keeping this need of consumers in mind Samsung is officially offering Flip Case for their flagship phone “Samsung Galaxy S3”. It protects the screen of your phone, when your pocket or on table.

It is manufactured by Samsung. The back case of your S3 is replaced with the flip cover case . For this you need to remove the rear back case of your Galaxy S3 and the fit-in the flip cover case, such that it gets placed perfectly with click sound. It has slots to allow your camera lens and flash to work properly. Since it is a genuine product, the fitting is absolutely perfect.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case- Pros & Cons

The most important feature is at the design front. Samsung Galaxy S3 flip case is stunningly beautiful and design is sophisticated and professional. It comes in 8 colors: Marble White , Pink , Light Blue , Green , Orange , Yellow , Brown , Titanium Gray , Black and Red. This means, you will always get a match for you Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case

It has cutouts for all ports and features of Galaxy S3, so that you don’t have to ever remove the case to accesses any of the functions.

It is slim and has padded design. It protects your screen from scratches, scrapes and knocks. The biggest advantage, is that it is a official Samsung product, which means excellent build quality with perfect fit and finish. You get the toughness and design both in a single protection cover. You don’t have to compromise anything while choosing the official Samsung galaxy s3 flip case.

It also adds the grip to the phone, which means it will not slip from your hand accidentally.


On the cons side, it does not protection at the sides of the phone. And if your phone falls at the corners, it might take a hit. But, as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is robustly build, it can withstand falls from low height and it would be not right to expect Flip case to protect everything of your phone.


At Gearzap, official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case is available only for £19.99. You can also get it from Samsung stores and other retail /e-retail outlets. Price is does not vary much and mostly it will be a bargain for the features and protection it adds.



Samsung Galaxy S3 flip case is a must have if you own a Samsung galaxy S3. It will add the much needed protection to your premium device, without blocking any functionality of the phone.You can access your camera, flash and other ports, without ever removing your cover. It’s design is premium class and looks a perfect match and is a perfect fit for your Galaxy S3 phone.

It is also reasonably priced and looking at the benefits it can provide, the price point makes it a prize catch. In Short the Samsung Galaxy S3 official flip case is inexpensive, durable and lightweight. It is a must add feature for your premium purchase , that is Samsung  Galaxy S3 mobile.

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