Best Rules of Content Writing While Building Your Website

It’s obvious that we want to start making $$$ as soon as possible, but because of that the chance of you failing in the long run are much higher.


Unlike many business models Out there, this one in particular requires thorough approach. It’s not a get rich quick overnight type of method. Instead, this system can offer you a solid ground towards building something much bigger. Eventually, you can build your own traffic network and expand to all kinds of different markets. The point is to build solid, valuable site that readers will benefit from.

Start off by asking yourself:  Does my site provide value? How can my readers/users benefit from the available content? A simple WordPress site without a few dozen auto scraped articles, simply won’t cut it. Bottom line, you need good informational content that people are going to be interested in.

Get away from the Affiliate set of mind. There is a reason why all these content suggestions engines don’t allow affiliate marketers. For some reason many of us tend to ruin everything we touch by copying each other’s shit.

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Good Content is the Key to Success

Try to understand folks your content has to be carefully written, with purpose. It must be able to place some weight on the emotions of your readers.


Great headlines that trigger interest and fear deliver the most traffic, bare that In mind. I also recommend using images within your content. Out brain pulls the first image from your post automatically and crops it into a thumbnail. if the attention of the readers is grabbed by the flashy images, then they are more likely to dick on your link.

It’s essential to have easy readable content, make it at least l4pt as well as include appealing introduction. Most readers don’t usually waste their time reading an entire article, unless the introduction (the first few sentences attract further attention). The point is not to make your readers loose that reading mode while glancing through the first paragraph of your article.

Provide Related Article

A typical user in the reading stage, clicks on one of your headlines and ultimately lands on your site, will they feel like they are in the right” place? In another words, does your content provide a related article to what they just read on CNN? If so, we have a good chance of getting them to stick around and ultimately click on our ads. If the website doesn’t immediately look and feel similar to CNN’s, ABC’S etc.., they will leave almost immediately.

Alternatively, if they arrived by following a link in a tweet, or from a Facebook page, will our site meet their expectations?

Words/Characters Limitation

Try not to limit the article to less than 1000 characters. In my practice, I’ve learned that you can’t possibly send a message out or trigger some emotions within just a few short paragraphs.

If your content Is short, a user is more likely to hit the browser’s back button, rather than moving forward and potentially hitting those AdSense links. If they stay for longer than 3 minutes the chance is that they will start browsing your site and giving you more page views.

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