Tips for Attracting Repeat Visitors to Your Site

Every website owner would want to have as many people as possible visiting his site. However, with the multitude of competing sites out there, attracting new visitors has become an increasingly daunting task.


Even more difficult is getting people to make repeat visits to your site. Here are some tips which enable you to keep people coming back to your site.

1. Offer new information

New content is very important for attracting repeat visitors to a site. Every time visitors return to a site, they expect to find something fresh. Therefore, you need to ensure that your site is consistently updated with new content. If you are involved in eCommerce, take time to share information about new products or special offers.

You could also offer regular tips on topics which would be of interest to your audience. However, the content on some pages such as ‘Contact us’ or ‘About us’ page usually doesn’t change much.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is another great way of keeping visitors coming back. All you need is a form on your site which visitors can use to sign up for your mailing list. Sending out newsletters and emails on a regular basis is one of the best ways of sharing useful information with your prospects and customers. However, avoid sending out emails which are just sales pitches since this is likely to put off your audience.

3. Get personal

To win the trust of your customers and prospects, allow them to get into your personal world. Let them know who you really are and what exactly you do. Give them more insight into your business and share some personal experiences which would be valuable to them. Feel free to share photos of yourself, your family, business premises or staff.

4. Keep your website functional

If your website is constantly down and inaccessible, visitors will get frustrated and might never return. To ensure that your site is always up and running, take time to select a good web host that is reliable and offers a good uptime guarantee.

Web users also get put off by sites which have slow loading pages. You should therefore avoid using flash animations or other design elements which might make your pages heavy.

5. Uphold your credibility

To succeed in the marketplace, you need to uphold the credibility of your business. Use the ‘About us’ page of your site to explain to your visitors what values your business stands for. You could also explain briefly about your achievements, as well as your future plans. Remember to mention any awards or recognitions received, since this can also contribute greatly towards enhancing your credibility.

6. Display client testimonials

Testimonials can be very powerful marketing tools for your site or business. Therefore, you could consider contacting some of your satisfied customers and asking them to submit written reviews about your products or services.

To make the testimonials appear credible, you could include a photo and contact details of the individual. When prospective customers read such positive reviews, they are likely to become regular visitors to your site.

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