Top 10 Cloud Services other than Google Apps

The shifting practices of the business world are increasingly necessitating the adoption of better and more thorough file-sharing services. Many of these now incorporate a cloud, which is a wireless transfer service that provides instantaneous access of files to all users who are in the cloud network, as well as other business-enhancing services like HR recruiting.

Cloud Services

As more cloud services appear on the marketplace, it can become harder to differentiate which of them provide the greatest number of services in the most efficient format. If you’re in the market for a cloud service at your place of business, you’ve probably been inundated with information about Google Apps clouds. Take the opportunity to read this article and learn more about the other, non-Google cloud companies that are available to enhance your productivity and management.

1. Taleo

While Oracle is well known for its traditional software, it’s coming onto the marketplace with its Taleo cloud platform. This is a human resources recruiting suite that allows businesses to manage planning, analytics, compensation, and performance management (among other things) using a cloud format.

2. Success Factors

Like Taleo, Success Factors presents a cloud-based HR management program that includes payroll applications, training, performance tracking, and recruiting. Success Factors’ main goal is to streamline business performance.

3. Concur Technologies

This company aims to provide travel and expense management via its cloud. Concur Technologies boasts corporate travel booking, expense report automation, auditing, reimbursement services, and business intelligence. They have recently acquired a mobile communications messaging platform.

4. Omniture

Omniture’s goal is to increase business efficiency for digital advertisers, publishers, and retailers. The program tracks data on spending and customer marketing in order to increase profitability and efficient web analytics.

5. Ariba

Ariba aims to foster a web-based trading community through its inventory management, outsourcing management, supply chain management, and infrastructure programs. While Ariba has the goal of providing users with these programs, it also aims to increase competition in the business world through business-to-business collaboration and trading.

6. Akamai

While it has long been known for producing and managing video content, Akamai is a new player on the cloud scene. The company’s strategy with its new cloud focuses on providing market-management services to consumers with programs that manage and track data regarding cost-cutting procedures and margin reductions.

7. Amazon Web Services

Amazon is an Internet behemoth that seems to be slowly taking over the game. Their recently launched Amazon Web Services department provides a cloud service that allows users to automatically upload data to a storage service, keeping it secure in the process.


This company, while not providing storage or management solutions to businesses, is doing a great job coming into the market as a software cloud business. The aim here is to make physical software programs a thing of the past by supporting online-only, cloud-based downloads so that companies can lower their software spending costs.

9. Apple

Perhaps one of the pioneers of the cloud service, Apple provides a more personalized user experience with iCloud. While the company’s cloud services shares data between a user’s different pieces of hardware, the application can be used in an office-wide setting to efficiently transfer documents and reports.

10. Box

Box’s service is meant to enhance workflow and business collaboration while still providing cloud-type storage space. It allows users to access work programs from the cloud and even if they aren’t downloaded onto a computer. This platform also provides a range of apps tailored to your business.

Remote file storage and management via cloud companies are the future of business. While many are in their initial stages and will continue to advance, it’s undeniable that they truly enhance productivity and optimize management opportunities. Consider your business’s needs, and you’ll surely find a cloud that won’t rain on your parade.

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