Get Ready for Windows 8.1

Windows 8 released to a mixture of reviews. These few new features in Windows 8.1 will hopefully lead to more positive reviews. The improvements are a great step in internet technology, especially with the new Internet Explorer 11.

Windows 8.1

1. Better functionality with mouse and keyboard

One of the issues consumers were complaining about in Windows 8, was that keyboard and mouse didn’t work well with it. It was clear Microsoft made it with touch functionality in mind. Now, there will be easier gestures to navigate through Windows 8.1 with the keyboard and mouse.

2. Wallpapers

There are a few changes to how wallpapers will work. There wasn’t much customization in Windows 8 when it came to the wallpapers on the lock and home screens. In Windows 8.1, you’ll be able to have slideshows on the lock screen. On the home screen, you will be able to put pictures. You can even put your desktop wallpaper on the home screen. More customization options are always a good thing.

3. No Control Panel

The control panel has been in Windows for a long time, but they’ve finally found a way to make it more accessible. They’ve replaced control panel with PC settings, where you’ll be able to access things that were previously in control panel among other things.

4. New Internet Explorer

There will be another update to Internet Explorer. There aren’t many details on what will be new about it, but it’s been said that there are better touch controls. We’ll have to wait and see if there are any drastic changes.

5. Different tile sizes

While it may not be a major change, having different tile sizes will make the home screen easier to use. There’s only an option of having a big or small tile on Windows 8. Now, there’s more versatility, so you will be able to customize your categories easier and fit more tiles under them.

6. Start button returns

This was one of the most scrutinized things about Windows 8, the missing Start button. However, this start button doesn’t have the same functionality of old. If you click it in Windows 8.1, it simply returns you to the home screen. Microsoft claims that it will make using a mouse and keyboard easier.

7. Boot to desktop

A brand new feature in Windows 8.1, is that you are now able to boot straight to the desktop screen. This will be favorable to those who don’t like the new tile system in the home screen. Not a major change, but a wanted one.

8. Flexible snap view

Now, instead of only being able to have two apps open at once, you can have three. Not only that, you will be able to snap them together at a 50/50 view instead of a 75/25 view, which made multitasking more difficult than it had to be. Also, you can have two windows of the same app open now. This is a great new feature.

9. Search shows results from SkyDrive and Bing

This feature just allows the search button to be more powerful. More things will show up, and it’ll be easier to search through your files on your computer.

10. Save directly to SkyDrive

This is useful because you won’t have to go through the trouble of having to upload your file in the SkyDrive app. Being able to save directly to it will save a lot of time and heartache.

These ten features contain simple and major updates. Users should love the new update to Windows 8.

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