Power Jacket for Samsung Galaxy S4 3200mAh – Review

Smartphone have become such an important part of our life, that the moment there is shortage of battery life, without any charging point in the vicinity, our heart goes sinking. For those of you, who wants the convenience of anytime charging without worrying about finding the next charging point.

Power Jacket for Galaxy s4

Today we will be reviewing Power Jacket for Samsung Galaxy S4- 3200 mAh.

Initial Impression

Power Jacket for Samsung Galaxy S4 replaces the backcover of our Samsung Galaxy S4 and act as a protective back cover which can protect your Samsung S4 from scratches and damages. It can also act as an emergency power backup, with its massive 3200 mAh battery. When you are running low on the power, you can easy flip a switch on the backcover and your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone will start receiving charging from the Power Jacket.


3200 mAh ensures that your phone gets fully charged, while still plenty of juice left in the Power Jacket.  It has LED battery level indicators. It also includes integrated kickstand for viewing media. This makes placing you phone for watching videos and photos on a kickstand much easier and convenient.

Power Jacket for Samsung Galaxy S4 also comes with proper cut-outs for all ports. This means you will never get restricted in accessing any port and you don’t have to remove the Power Jacket ever.

In-depth Review

It offers excellent protection to your S4. It ensures that your premium handset will remain scratch free and safe from any knock, scrape or drop. It will keep your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone look as good as new.


Its massive 3200 mAh battery ensures, that you will never run out of the battery power again. To start charging your phone whenever it runs low on the battery, you just need to flick the small power switch on the case and start receiving the charge. It can charge your phone fully for once and still have enough battery life to power the phone for another round.

It has LED battery level indicators which indicates when the case is on and charging. There is also a stylish kick stand which pops out and can be used as a holder to keep your smartphone in a perfectly good viewing position. It provides comfortable viewing angles , when you are watching movies , browsing the internet, playing game or enjoying random pics. This Power Jacket for Samsung Galaxy S4 has cutouts for all ports.


You get access to every functionality Galaxy S4 offers without ever removing the back cover of the smartphone. With 3200 mAh of power holding capacity you get a stand by time of up to 675 hours.It also offers talk time of upto 25 hours.


Power Jacket for Samsung Galaxy S4 is available at various online retail stores. It can be purchased for $53.99 from This is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S4 case available in the market for sell.


Power Jacket for Samsung Galaxy S4 with 3200 mAh capacity is an excellent way to always keep your premium Samsung Galaxy S4 handset charged and ready. It also acts as a protective back cover which can protect your smartphone from accidental fall, scratch or spillage.

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