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The “quicker the better” seems to be the buzz-phrase these days when it comes to websites and blogs. People want them up and running as quickly as possible, they want perfect search engine optimization (SEO) yesterday, and want lots of traffic last month. Launching a blog is a little like opening a shop, in that you cannot expect a lot of visitors within a few days.


However, since the faster, faster, now, now ethos is still present; here are a few ways you can promote your blog in a fairly swift manner. It will allow you to start seeing traffic arrive a lot quicker.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

This is probably a good idea in both the short and long term. It gives you a small base of operations for your Facebook campaign, and is a nice way of letting people contact you via social media.

Your fan page can link to your blog, and you can share previews of your blog on it. You can attract social media attention to your blog, and you can even use it to advertise your blog as if it were a TV show.

People expect the most popular blogs to have a Facebook fan page anyway, and may even be disconcerted if they find that you are not on there. They may feel that your blog is not as important or relevant as they previously thought.

Start a Twitter profile and post frequently

With Twitter, you are allowed to post more frequently without losing your followers. Twitter is one of the few social media sites where you are not going to annoy people if you make lots of posts.

You can Tweet ideas about up and coming blogs, and Tweet teasers about your next blog post. You can pose questions relating to your current blog posts, and you can remind people that you have just posted a blog post. You can also do little gimmicks such as marking the 25th post, 50th post, 100th post, etc.

Use Twitter as a little reminder tool. It can function a little bit like an RSS feed except that you are the one prompting the reader instead of them checking the tool themselves.

Tell everyone in your email inbox

This is a very good little idea, as all you need to do is separately email your entire contact list to tell them that you have a new blog. The great thing is that you are already on their “safe” list, in that your messages are not sent straight to their junk file. Which, is what would happen if you were to contact a bunch of new people via email.

The great thing is that even though you are promoting your blog, you can masquerade as if you are just excited about it. Instead of coming across as “here look at this now,” you can come across as the artist saying “looky what I did.”

Insert a share button onto your blog

This allows people to share your blog over their own social media profiles. The great thing is that with many share buttons widgets, you are allowed to alter the terms of the share. For example, you can make it so that the author bio is not shared, or that a link is always included with every share.

It is a great promotional tool if your blog post takes the side of an argument. For example, your blog post may explain how every time a doctor lies and claims that inoculations are harmful, that pharmaceutical companies stock prices shoot up because treating a disease is more profitable than inoculating against it. A person may be having an argument about the same subject on social media, and could use your share function as a reply to the question “what incentive would a doctor have to lie?”

Ask your friends to promote it

They may not mind telling their own Facebook friends about the greatness of your blog. You could even return the favor by telling your Facebook friends about your blog. You could link to and from your friends’ websites. Your blog could link to them and their website could link to you.

Your friends could also chat about you in forums or start discussions on your comment section in order to stimulate more interest from the traffic.

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