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Quirky Stuff You Really Should Know about! is a unique place to get cool, trendy yet sophisticated, quirky and yet extremely functional yet daily to use products. Experts at Its our studio strive to find and add a range of quality driven, innovative products to the ever growing list of lifestyle products, corporate gifting ideas and brand merchandising.

The products at Its Our Studio is sourced from across the globe and each addition goes through a thorough quality check and market study. Every product at Its our studio is unique, handpicked and therefore a design enthusiast’s delight.

Its Our Studio has a rapidly expanding list of more than 300 products and is a sought after brand in its niche market. Today we are reviewing few products from Its our studio,

1. Joy Zip

It has been created to make charge your devices with a touch. The joy Zip multi charging station makes charging your devices really fast and easy. To use it, you need to touch the device to the pad and it slides into place.

The touch-n-go design helps charge multiple devices through multiple charging receivers .It has a battery of 2100mA which can help charge up to three cellular phone at once.Cord tangle is eliminated with the help of ultra-low profile “ZipTail” connectors.


In comparison to the traditional charging systems, there is 0 Zero percent loss of power as the devices are plugged directly into the system. It comes with a starter kit which includes one mini usb and two micro USB receivers. It is an easy and stylish way to charge all wireless devices.

Joy Zip can charge the electronic devices at a much faster pace, owing to its conductive technology where ZIptail magnetic receiver which snaps on to the Joy Zip when found in range.The biggest advantage of using Joy Zip to charge your phones is that when you receive a phone call, you can easily pick the phone to start talking, without the constraint of the limited cable length.

It helps to keep the charging station arranged without any messy wires and disadvantages of limited cable length.It comes with a glossy piano black finish, which gives it an elegant look and feel. It is also thin and offers powerful fast charging. Popular NDTV Gadget Guru Award has been bestowed on Joy Zip in 2012, in the “Eye Candy” Catogary.

It comes with a package which contains:

  • Zip x 1
  • ZipTail Apple 30-Pin x 1
  • ZipTail Micro USB x 2
  • ZipTail Mini USB x 1

It is available for Rs 7650 on

2. Air power soccer disk

Air power soccer disk has been created to offer the pace of air hockey and fun of football in a single fast paced game. Air power soccer disk is suitable to be played both inside and outdoors. It has the diameter of 20cm and compared to air hockey, the game is much bigger and provide better experience.


The USP of Air power soccer disk is that it hovers, so it will not damage the surface you are playing on and its outer rim will not leave any mark even if it collides with something.It could be the ideal gift for somebody who is crazy for football.

Air power soccer disk is available for Rs 2000 on

[alert-note] Verdict [/alert-note] is a place to get unique items for your office and home. You can also gift these amazing items as a gift to your loved ones , or treat yourself with them. You can contact Its our studio via Social network as they are active on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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