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Fibre optic internet technology has revolutionized the way people use the web. It has a profound effect on the speed of the internet. It has also completely revolutionized internet networking and has enabled large chunks of data to be sent in a short span of time. The optic lines are a long thread of pure glass that has a diameter close to human hair.

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These thin optical lines can transmit information over long distances at a faster speed. These optical lines are bundled in the form of cables and transmit pulses of light much faster over long distances. These transmitted lights then form an electromagnetic wave which is then transformed to carry the data.

Due to the speed of data transferred through fibre optic cables, information can be sent to another party in a shorter period of time. This is the latest technology used in internet communication which enables faster upload and download speed along with the clear streaming of files into one’s personal computer.

It is so effective that optical fibres have successfully replaced the copper wire, which had been used previously for data transfer.

Amcom offers fibre optic internet that provides many advantages such as the following:

1. Amazingly high bandwidth : NO other cable based data transmission solution can offer the amount of speed that a fibre optic solution can provide.

2. Safety from electromagnetic interference : Since the optical fibre has a very low bit error rate (10 EXP-13), we can add new equipment to the inert fibre cable that can provide larger capacity as compared to originally laid fibre.

Amcom is an award-winning, ASX listed, IT and telecommunications company located in Australia. Amcom offers highly flexible data and network solutions across Australia, both on a local and national scale. Internet products provided by Amcom have high quality and delivers through the use of multiple upstream providers.

Their data service takes advantage of the top-rated MPLS network configuration that can deliver up to 10Gbps of internet speed between locations. This speed can also be reached through Ethernet, VPN Link and Dark Fibre.

The network solutions provided by Amcom include:

1. Internet Services

There are several top notch examples of reliable and flexible Internet services that provide the best options based on any business requirement. They provide fully comprehensive SLA’s and they have the ability to deliver the chosen Internet solution within 15 working days.

2. Ethernet Services

Amcom provides a fully managed high speed national Ethernet network as a flexible solution. It is delivered as a point to point /e-lan or point to multipoint/e-tree connection which enables you to connect multiple offices irrespective of their location.

3. Dark Fibre

Amcom provides a premium fibre-optic point-to-point connectivity solution. This solution is typically helpful for delivering multi-gigabit speeds and it can easily match the growth of your organization. Dark Fibre provided by Amcom gives you 100% control of the network which means you can choose the equipment and configuration you desire.

4. Managed Router Services

Amcom provides managed router services as a high performance and cost-effective solution for your wide area network/WAN. This will increase the performance of your WAN across multiple locations and offices. This is available for pan Australian networks.

Fibre Optic Internet services and other services like Ethernet services, Dark Fibre and Managed Router Services provided by Amcom are a great way to connect your offices at multiple locations and provide the high end internet connectivity with multi-gigabit internet speed that your organization needs.

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