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12 Serious and Seriously Silly Complaints Against the iPhone 5

Since the release of the iPhone 5 in September, there have been a number of serious, and slightly less serious complaints levelled against Apple’s new phone. Replacing the iPhone 4S, the 5 is actually the sixth generation of smartphones from Apple, and is slimmer, with a faster core, and runs the latest version of iOS.


However, while the iPhone 5 has predictably sold well around the world, it’s received more complaints than perhaps any iPhone release in the past. Some of these complaints are being resolved, or are the subject of ongoing software development. Some are just silly, though, and show how some people are never happy with their phones.

Causes for Concern

In terms of problems that have been identified by new iPhone 5 owners, the more serious ones have so far included:


People have complained that the paint comes off their phones too easily, revealing the aluminum underneath. This has been linked back to problems in Chinese factories, and has been gradually fixed. The controversy over factory standards in China did, however, create some miniature brawls.

Apple Maps

Probably the most controversial, and legitimate, complaint so far has been Apple’s attempt to offer an alternative to Google Maps with its own native navigation app. Unfortunately, the beta version of Maps is riddled with errors, from missing locations to completely misplaced signs. Apple Maps isn’t dead in the water, though, and is being improved all the time.

Purple Flares

A problem for the iPhone 5’s camera, some photographs are coming out with a purple flare in the corner of the screen. Apple advise users to avoid photographing near to particularly bright light sources, while others suggest it’s an issue with phone crystals that’s experienced by other manufacturers.


How well users can connect to Wi-Fi on their iPhones has been a bit of a problem so far, with complaints arising over slow or inconsistent connections, and the current lack of a full scale 4G network.

Docking Problems

Apple have slightly revised the dock connectors for the iPhone 5 to smaller ports. This has led to complaints about old connecting leads no longer working, and the need to get adapters.

Light Release

Some users have complained that light is ‘escaping’ from their phones, which may be down to a problem with sealing handsets.

Screen Glitches

A few complaints have been made about screen glitches with iOS, whereby horizontal lines appear without warning. Again, this is likely a software, rather than a hardware problem, and will be resolved by future iOS 6 updates.


The iPhone 5’s EarPods have come under some criticism for their low sound quality, although this only seems to be a minor complaint so far.

App Store

Another minor problem linked to upgrading, some users have questioned whether the iPhone 5 is properly connecting to their accounts on the App Store.

…and the Sillier Complaints

Among the more bizarre complaints made about the iPhone 5, some of the best have included criticisms of date and time malfunctions that make people seem like they’re jumping forward and back in time. This probably shouldn’t be too worrying. Other users have reported air bubbles appearing on their screen, but this hasn’t been verified (and is also unlikely).

However, the most common (and silliest) complaint so far about the iPhone 5 has to be criticism that its too light and thin, and that people would rather have a more substantial phone over a sleek hand set, proving that you can’t please everyone.

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