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Killer Reasons Why a Web Designer Should Not Ignore WordPress

As a freelance Web Designer, the time you invest in building a website for your client is literally what makes you money. This makes your time a highly valuable resource, and how you choose to invest it defines your profitability.

Managing that time inevitably becomes one of your toughest challenges, and this I can say from my experience of handling a multitude of projects. It was only after I turned my attention towards WordPress that I was truly exposed to the potential that this Web Software tool can offer.


Today I decided to pen an article that illustrates why you should design your next clients website using WordPress. Apart from that, I will also give you details on how you could source your next Hosting Package from a Web Service Provider that’s well known in the industry for its customized solutions for Web Designers, ResellerClub.

So to start, I am sure most of us relate WordPress to Professional Bloggers or first time amateur Web Developers, it’s only after a quick demo do you realize the design & structural capabilities that you can achieve with the popularly used CMS tool. Moreover, it can reduce the amount of time you invest into building a website to about a week, or if you’re a pro at WordPress, even less than 7 days.

Most Web Designers encounter two type of clients. “Client A” are the type who desire a complex, rich in design and a very well customized website which could take up most of your time involved in designing. “Type B” customers would include SMEs who would prefer to have a visually stunning website without too many frills attached to it, at the best possible price. This basically means that they are your budget concerned customers.

As the situation is with every Web Designer, Type B clients are whom we interact with the most and source a majority of our income from. This is why it becomes important to invest enough time into creating good work for your Type B Customer, and ensure that he isn’t left disappointed.

This is where WordPress can come to your rescue.

1. Easy to use

This is something that most WordPress reviews mention. Selecting a template suiting the category of website being designed is very simple. This is because WordPress offers its users massive amounts of templates to choose from. So incase you have a client who wants to build a stunning website for his Medical Practice or Export & Import Business, then all you need to do is select the “Business” option under the list of categories they offer a template for, and then choose from the plethora of pre-designed business theme templates.

Similarly, with WordPress, adding a new page, content or image is effortless. Since it’s so easy to use and get started, the time spent on formatting is saved. In addition to this, WordPress is browser based so you can log on from any computer with an internet connection and resume work. This means that you aren’t confined to an office. All you need is an internet connection and you could work at a beachside café.

2. No HTML Editing Or FTP Software Required

Unlike Drupal, WordPress is a self contained CMS. This means you don’t need an HTML editor. Thanks to this, maintaining your customers’ websites takes no time at all. You can upload anything instantaneously and for customers who need to make frequent modifications, you could even teach them to use the management interfaces themselves. It’s that simple to use.

3. SEO Friendly

WordPress Code is clean and easy for search engines to crawl and index a site’s content. In addition, each page, image and post can have its own metatag keywords. Additionally, WordPress offers several one-click SEO plugins that aid you in tweaking site settings by reminding you to add permalinks and automatically insert meta tags. In effect, you aren’t just offering your Customer a well designed website, you’re handing them a website completely optimized to drive the maximum traffic to their business.

4. Multilingual

WordPress is available in more than 70 Languages. So if you intend on targeting clients from non English speaking markets, this is the ideal tool for you.

5. Massive Community

WordPress is the most popular open source CMS today. This means you have a huge active community that constantly comes out with new modifications, plug-ins and new features. And with such a large community, if you have any difficulties you can post questions and get advice from thousands of developers and designers around the world. Additionally, 20% of all websites today use WordPress as their CMS. So moving to WordPress is simply keeping up with the latest industry trend.

6. Seamless Transfer

If you’re client intends to handle and maintain his own website post the designing, all it takes is a week of training for him to master uploading pictures, files, videos etc. This saves you a lot of valuable time handing over the website maintenance or providing support. Additionally, with the WordPress forums and free tutorials available on the Internet, you’re client will never face an issue that they can’t handle.

7. Plug And Play

The Internet is full of sites and blogs simply devoted to new WordPress features and themes. The entire CMS is built along the lines of a plug and play system, reducing complexity and increasing speed. New update? Simply click on a plugin. With everything from a Facebook Comments plugin to an easy media gallery, everything is out there, waiting for you to click on it.

So as you can see, WordPress can help you save time and effort that can be better utilized elsewhere. Like having dinner, taking a walk with the family, chilling with friends at a coffee shop, or just doing what you love the most.

The company I recommended above, ResellerClub, is a Web Service Provider that offers solutions customized for Web Designers. You can Sign Up with them and receive some of the best prices on WordPress enable Hosting Packages & Domain Names.

So adopt WordPress and further expand the revenue generating potential your Web Design business has to offer.

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