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G-Lock EasyMail bulk email software is something that all companies and every individual should have. This has great benefits, such as its lack of monthly fees, its mail merge options or its unlimited number of recipients or groups, which is why one should not start a business without this ally on his or her side.

In what is to follow, you will find out more about its characteristics and advantages, in order to decide whether it is worth it or not to invest in something like this.

image03 is a desktop email marketing solution that will offer you an in-house mailing list. This means that you won’t have to upload your recipients to any third party and that you will be the only one who will access your recipients and sending statistics. Also, you should know that this program will not expose your mailing list to other recipients.

This newsletter program will allow each recipient to see only his or her address when receiving a message. Oh, and it is important for people to know that thanks to their import-export service the recipients’ email addresses and other contact data will not be lost when using this email software.

Are you still curious to know more about this in-house bulk email sender? Well, then you should know that it has an improved HTML rendering mode. To be more precise, this means that the default IE7 rendering mode is switched to the IE9 engine. As a result, your HTML will be returned into something that resembles the original HTML formatting.

Besides that you can import HTML and plain text email messages. So if you have created an HTNML email message in an external program you will just have to upload it in this email software and you will be able to use it as a template for further use.


What about its fees? As far as this matter goes people should know that they will only have to pay once and that there are no monthly fees. Besides this money saver will allow them to use this software on two different computers. Also, it is important for customers to know that they have two options: they could buy the product and benefit from a 30% sale, or they could download the free version.

This variant has a few advantages, too. It never expires and it allows people to send their newsletter to 500 subscribers. In effect, this could be translated as: if people do not have a large email list, they could use this program for free.


Not to mention that if you have troubles in using this email software accordingly you can always visit their special section where they offer tips on how to create and send newsletter. But their support does not stop here. On the contrary, they also have a section dedicated to vide tutorials, where people could find the additional explanations they might need.

So, as far as this tool goes, it is needless to say that its qualities are numerous. As a result, people should definitely invest in this software, in order to take the control, service and management of their subscribers in their hands.

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