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Manage and Control Your Smartphone from your PC with Moborobo

Moborobo is a comprehensive and effective Android and iOS PC manager developed to provide its users the wide platform of fast and easy access. Such connection is established between an Android device and any PC. This all-in-one PC suit allows Android and iOS users to transfer files and other data’s such as contacts, texts and media galleries from one phone model to another effortlessly.

Moborobo Smartphone Management Tool

Besides its general utility as file manager and backup/restore controller, the application also has several other uses such as data management (access to messages, calls, images, videos etc.) and complete access to web gallery (themes, apps, wallpapers etc.).

One great advantage of Moborobo is that it serves both consumers and smartphone vendor’s equally well, as both these groups need to have a simple and smooth access to their smartphone data.

Transfer Data easily with Moborobo

Moborobo is completely user friendly regarding its design and programming. Users can not only transfer data from their old smartphone to their new devices, but they also have the ability to do it batch wise. Moborobo provides features with the help of which users can selectively transfer some specific data such as themes, videos or images from PC to any Android device and vice versa.

Backup & Restore

Additionally, users can perform complete backup and restore operation with absolute ease. This way mobile vendors and sellers can get rid of the tiresome work of individually transferring data’s from their customer’s old phone to newly purchased device.

Available for both iOS & Android

Moborobo has taken software designing to its prime level by successfully creating an application that has broken the barrier between iOS and Android. Its cross platform software facilitates users of both brands to transfer contacts between each other in any manner (i.e. vice versa).

Furthermore, Android has taken great initiatives to make the application very user friendly and easily understandable. Anybody can get a good grasp on how the app works in a matter of minutes. As for working is concerned, it has already been discussed that it is absolutely reliable and fast.

Mobo Market

Above all, Moborobo comes with its own official App Market application called the Mobo Market. This one-stop app store provides a very good alternative to Google Play Market and even iTunes. With a wide range of resource and useful features available, this app market lets its users to do quite a lot of stuffs.

Not just to be used as a downloader and installer of apps and games, Mobo Market can also function as a medium to have access to unlimited wallpapers, images, themes and more.

Over the period of 12 months, the app has undergone several modifications and consequently various versions have come up.

Moborobo V2.1.3.767 is the latest version available after V2.1.2.706. The general upgraded features are well thought off and it promises to be very useful as well. The new version supports Vietnamese Language along with an additional feature called “Help Center” under the System Option tab. Also, the application now supports customizable main window size.

Introduction to Mobo Portal

Besides the general features, there have been a lot of upgraded functionalities and operations with Moborobo’s latest version. For both Android & iOS users, the software developers have added features like “Mobo Portal” and “File Sharing” for iOS user.

Mobo Portal is a Floating Window plug-in, with the help of which users can perform various operations faster than ever before. This includes sending texts and other general file transfer tasks from PC to their iOS device in a faster speed. The prior issue with the installing driver has also been fixed and the application has been thoroughly checked to remove malfunctions.

As for Android users, there have been quite a lot of additions to the new Moborobo V2.1.3.767. For starters, several issues regarding malfunction and errors have been fixed so that users can get better return from this all-in-one application. Under this category, video uploading failure prompt has been fixed along with the connection error issue regarding Wi-Fi.

Mobo portal “Floating Window” has also been added which gives greater speeds while texting and file transfer. New support feature under the “Favourite” group for contact backup and restore has been included.

Finally, software developers have made modifications to enhance user experience with music export and deletion. These entire features together make Moborobo more effective and useful than ever before.


Moborobo is one of the best all in one smartphone manager available. Download it as it’s completely free and start managing your smartphone devices with it. For additional information you can connect with their team on Facebook and Twitter.

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