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5 Best Android Apps for Managing Your Blog

You can always manage your blog from your mobile device, be it a Smartphone or tablet device. It is easy enough if you have a few maintenance things to do.

It is a little harder if you want to post and arrange your settings from your mobile device, but that can be done as well. Here are five apps that you can use to manage your blog and maintain your blog whilst you are out and about.

Google AdSense

You can see your AdSense dashboard with this app, which a good if you are the type of person that just cannot resist checking your earnings. It is especially fun if you have busy periods during the day and you want to check your earnings when they busy period is over. You can set how often the tool updates, and you can access a number of accounts. They are not stuck with just accessing one account per app, which is good if you have a bit of an Adsense monopoly going on.


You can also see a few of your Adsense metrics such as your click-through-rate and your average earnings per day. You can see which adverts and websites are bringing you the most money and which are not. It is quick and very easy to use if you are already familiar with the system.


This content management system is popular because it is it only content management system that demands no payment at all. Not only will they let you register a free domain name, they will also give you free hosting and completely free use of the CMS program. It is also run by Google who also run Google Play, which is a great place to find your Blogger app.


You are able to do a few of the desktop functions such as post updates and managing some of your Blogger extensions/add-ons. But, it is not as comprehensive as the desktop version and you will notice some functions missing. However, it is not really supposed to be a desktop Blogger replacement, it is just for use on the go, and for that it is perfect. You can flip between more than one blog too, just in case you have more than one.


This is a world’s most popular content management system, and so you will be able to find an app for it on any mobile platform, which obviously includes the Android. It has more functions on it than the Blogger app, which are both a blessing and a curse. It is a curse because it makes using the app a little more complicated, and it really highlights those things that are missing. And, some people will find the missing functions a little bit frustrating.


It allows you to check your posts, approve any comments, edit things on your blog and check the blog metrics. Like Blogger, it is not going to let you use all of the blogging tools, but it has most of the functions and is ideas if you are out and about and want to fiddle with your blog on the move.

Facebook Page Manager Android App

As you are probably aware, Facebook is now a big part of the blogging world. Publicity and online reputations have been created, forged and floundered with the help of Facebook. So, it is only fair that you have a Facebook app on your Android to help you forge your blogging career.

With this app you may see the latest Facebook fan page insights and you may create and reply to personal messages. You may see push notifications of comments and “likes.” You may also add external links so that you can share your blog posts with other people on Facebook. A good idea is to add previews of your blog posts to your Facebook fan page, and then add a “if you want to read more” like that goes to your blog.


This is a micro-blogging website and has just as much of a place in modern blogging circles as WordPress or Twitter does. It allows you to access your Tumblr account and add things or edit things. You may maintain your Tumblr account via your Android. You may share photos or sections of your blog. You may add a new post and schedule posts to come up a little later. You can share your videos and add quotes to your posts as you go.


It is quick and easy to use and has more functions for adding posts and such than the bigger blogging apps do. This makes it easier to manage your account more fully from your Android Smartphone or tablet device. The interface is also immediately recognizable and easy to use too.

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