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Is Your Business Stuck In The Medieval Times?

Although there is definitely something to be said for the tried and true ways of promoting a business as well as going through the sales process, any company that is not utilizing the newer technologies that are available to the general public is missing out on business that they never even knew they had.


One of the key advices from entrepreneurs, and one of the core messages from the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is this: surround yourself with people who are very good at what they do. So if you’re a Dr., find a marketing partner who’s specialized in your niche. A great example of this is a company called ClientWhys.com. They provide a suite of marketing support for accountants. So do your homework and find someone who knows your industry.

Below are just a few of the ways that you can increase your overall visibility as well as your conversion rates.

1. Utilize QR codes

QR codes, or quick response codes, give any business owner the opportunity to turn online traffic into off-line traffic for placement into a sales funnel, location-based ads, an e-mail list or simple bookmarking. Because the average consumer in the modern business landscape does not take the time to research any business that does not have immediate placement within one of these avenues, it is essential that any business that is looking for new customers utilizing instantaneous technology such as QR codes.

2. All companies can benefit from online analytics

Being able to analyze the demographics and psychographics of a core audience will help any company determined who is actually purchasing the product and for what reasons. This information can be used to tweak a marketing campaign to better fit the target audience or to find a different target audience with a better conversion rate.

3. Utilizing marketing avenues online is much more cost-effective for a small business

The more traditional avenues for advertising, namely TV and radio, are quite expensive for small business to undertake. Although they still offer a steady audience that can be tracked with some effort, they are losing advertising revenue to online avenues with good reason. One of the main reasons is that advertising on these traditional media outlets requires an ongoing cost while advertising online requires little more than the production costs, especially if an advertisement goes viral.

Even companies that are advertising on television and radio are finding that they are getting much more traction from the placement online of those assets, which is allowing them to go viral to a wider audience without any added money from the business itself.

4. The sales process online is much quicker than other avenues

Being able to take your customer through the sales process 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a luxury that many businesses today simply cannot afford to forgo. Also, many customers prefer being able to access a business at a time of their convenience rather than having to be hard sold that business through advertisements. This creates a much more effective sales process because customers tend to access a business online when they are looking for a solution to a problem that business is meant to solve.

5. Remarketing, tracking and other advertising techniques are only available through new technologies

The technique of remarketing provides instant top of mind advertising to customers who visit a website but do not complete the conversion process. There is no other way to track a potential customer in this fashion except through online advertising methods. Many of the modern marketing techniques that are similar to this are only available through online technologies.

Overall, modern technologies create a much more cost-effective and efficient way for a business to track and convert its potential customers into loyal customers. Any business that is not taking advantage of these abilities is doing itself a great disservice.

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