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Getting On People’s Hit List-Ticking People Off On The Social Media

Ever since blogging became a way to speak your mind on the social media, people have started finding newer and better ways to annoy people, and to tick them off. Here’s how they do it. Hopefully, you aren’t one of them.


Commenting without knowing the issue

Do you comment on a blog or article without even bothering to get a gist of what is being talked about? Do you just tick people off by talking about something completely different and appearing completely innocent. Not only that, you also talk about it as if you know everything. Well, you’ve done a good job of annoying people.

Talking about yourself.

Yes, this is another pet peeve. To utterly and completely disregard someone else’s opinions, and just talk about your own self. Yes, and don’t be generous to others in your posts and tweets as well. That’s how you annoy people.

Insulting people

As if valuing your own opinions all the time wasn’t enough, you also make personal attacks on people, even strangers!You think they are stupid and of lower intellect.And you publicly insult them.

Ignoring comments.

You thought you were so intellectual you wrote a blog so that the lesser knowledgeable benefit from your views. And when they comment on your blogs, you don’t reply. They are less knowledgeable after all. And besides, it’s beneath you to reply to them.

Spamming people.

Nobody loves anything more than a spam. Frustrate them enough to force them to block you and even worse, report you. Sending auto direct messages on Twitter, sending links to people’s Facebook inbox to make them ‘like’ it, will definitely build your image.

Agree to disagree.

Always disagree and always have the last word, just to show your superiority.

Calling people names

So your personal brand of freedom of speech demand that you hurt people without expecting any backlash. You didn’t like what they had to say, so you judge them, call them stupid, or make a racial slight.

The classic playground bully.

Make fun of people. Discourage them, make snide comments, and in general make them stop saying what they want to say. Publicly disgracing people is the way to go

Sending inappropriate photos.

You aren’t in a relationship with them, you barely know them, but you think it’s a good idea to send some indecent pictures of yours, be lewd, and you might get laid? Gear up in case the police come up at your doorstep.

Sermonizing people.

Because your lifestyle is so perfect, and works well for you, you can tell people to adopt a similar lifestyle. Tell them, teach them; they are in need of your guidance.

Stalking people.

Make other people lives your obsession. Comment on everything they put up on their social media. Freak them out, infuriate and annoy them. Meddling is your job.

Religion and politics.

And if you need to create hype unnecessarily, you can attack people’s religions and personal beliefs.

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