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Hive of all tech news delivered constantly in an intuitive and easy to use format, www.techi.com is your final front to irrelevant and scattered tech news spanning the web; as it bring together not only up-to-date live tech news feeds, but as well channelizes your posts, comments and feedback to other sources through various link contained in its pages.

In the fast-paced and ever-changing world of technology www.techi.com is your one stop shop to keep yourself abreast with all the latest and the greatest news from around the world.

Design and Appearance

Structurally sound in its design, its usability is a class apart. Either you choose to navigate its contents; which are well spaced with large fonts or want to post your own comments, you can do so without any issues. Once you browse to its landing page, you are presented with a soothing theme that resembles more or less like an e-newspaper.


In the middle you have all the latest news and articles listed under all contents; although you can also choose to sort them based on their exclusivity or popularity through the links provided at the top.

Navigating further across the home page towards the upper right hand corner, you can locate the search box, which enables anyone to search for any topic they may be looking for!

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On the other side of the home page towards the lower left hand section you have links pointing to information related to the site itself, such as links to articles, categories, information on authors etc. And if you are busy enough and want to check out its contents any time of the day, you can do so as well by joining their totally SPAM free newsletter by entering your email ID on the “GET TECHi BY EMAIL” box located on the lower left hand corner of the home page.

Other notable aspect of its design elements is in its ability to present itself in a mobile format as well, thereby enabling you to view and read its content on a smartphone, while traveling. Sharing your views, commenting on others post, starting a new discussion or participating on the popular one’s is easy as well! Just point and click on the link under the “COMMENTS” word located just below the article and it presents you with a web page to do just that! From here on it present you with a plethora of options like leaving a comment, starting a new discussion, selecting the best, newest or the oldest posts etc.

Although to participate with other in live discussions, just navigate and click on the community link located below the “Comments” section. You can also choose to follow them on Facebook, twitter or Google+ by clicking on their respective links located at the bottom left hand corner of the home page.

And if you want to express your views on the usability of the site itself, you can do so as well through the “Send Feedback” link made available through a drop down menu by clicking on the small gear icon located below the “Comments” box.

If privacy is your concerns, be assured that none of the personal information like your name or your email id is ever shared with anyone; be it with advertisers or displaying them publicly. Although being said that, it won’t be able to protect your PID, if you choose to include them, while commenting on a post or while participating in a live discussion.

As with any web related service offering, it does collect technical data to improve its site and also uses cookies to track and record user specific preferences in order for it to offer customized content to its visitors.


An informative hive of latest technological  news feeds and feature rich articles, delivered constantly from the web in one place and made accessible to be viewed on a PC or a smartphone without any navigational constraints, it a Pandora’s box of all thing related to up-to-date and accurate tech news feeding its visitors day in and out. Visit them at www.techi.com to get a first hand view of its contents and it’s easy of use interface!

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