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Video Content Marketing: The Newest Fad in SEO

“Videos have the power to make people hear, see and act…”

Phrases like, “humans relate more to moving images than simple text, which helps then in contextualizing the world around” and “VSEO can add a visual appeal that can keep viewers lingering and can even push them to share” are some quotes that easily explain the power of video marketing.

Video Content Marketing

This so-called, ‘newest fad in SEO’ is what most technicians are using to get ahead of their peers. So, why are you still just seeing videos posted by others? Start posting some of your own, it is bound to give ample boost to your marketing efforts!

VSEO is Somehow the Underutilized Tool in Online Marketing

Even after packing such ample potential, video marketing still seems to be in its naïve stage. Internet marketing experts still opt for other content types like images, infographics, text, where video should actually be placed on high priority.

Google’s New Penguin Update has turned content marketing into a “strategy.” This next big thing is ‘blended search results’, rather than just ‘search results’. This mix together places video on the higher side.

The Final Product Needs to be Refined

Video content marketing is an important facet to the overall success of any website. Nevertheless, it is imperative for the final product to have a solid distribution plan. The excitement and fan following of video content is HUGE.

1 billion unique visitors pursuing content posted on the “video king site- YouTube,” every month and more than 4 million hours of video watched during the same time is enough to say it all. Every minute about 72 hours of video is uploaded on the site; the number is quiet fascinating.

Embed Proper SEO Techniques to Ensure Your Video is Seen

Proper search engine optimization techniques are crucial to help viewers see and read your content. It emphasizes on adding a proper description and entailing appropriate keyword phrases. Video content is about submission and thus to appear in the search results one must submit their video using a video sitemap, to make it visible by crawlers.

Similar to an XML sitemap, this is formatted specially for videos and packs just this info. You can submit videos while making use of the Webmaster Tools by Google. Assumption must be kept away as you usually submit the web page on which the video resides and considering that the video content is being indexed is a myth.

Another must-have is the robots.txt file, which should be present on all pages having a video; this is to help Google verify that the web locations actually exist and indicates existence of a video.

Video SEO Has an Edge Over Traditional Techniques

The title of the video and the title tag needs to be in accord as it is bound to get higher weighing in search results. Like conventional optimization techniques, even video SEO requires making use of more specific, longer tail search terms. An advantage you can enjoy currently is that since Google cannot determine the actual content of video, you can post your video with different titles and search terms multiple times.

Video SEO stays away from factors like new, old, big, and small. When video marketing, all are equal in front of Google, it is like an opportunity veiling technique that can easily let the new players compete directly with the big fishes.

Video SEO is the New Winning Strategy

With time, Google’s potential of indexing and discovering video content is bound to improve, as the field has already started seeing a fierce competition. Thus, to remain ahead in this rat race, you need to jump in now, as the temperature of water currently is perfect to not just test, but start work.

Video SEO: The Final Say

The bottom line thus remains that creating a great video is not end of the work with just the hope of getting it seen. In fact, steps that can help the video in evolving atop the cascade of billions of online videos are needed. The ocean is quite vast and to actually let your video shine, it needs to be DIFFERENT and LOUD.

Video SEO is an effective means of communication that must be incorporated into every aspect of your existing marketing strategy; it can help you keep people engaged. So, get ready to get happy, satisfied customers who trust you- with VSEO!

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