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The fashion industry is a hard business to be in with fierce competition everywhere, wildly varying prices, and a marketplace that keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you want to stand out and get attention, you have to offer something nobody else can, and there is nothing more unique and personalized than allowing your customers to personalize their own products.


There are different ways you can offer this exclusive service, and some of them are mentioned here to help you get an idea of how to approach the task and where to look for the resources you need.

From-Scratch Products

This fun idea already taking a hold of many apparel and fashion-related online stores, and with good reason. The concept of letting the customer build their own product from scratch turns shopping into a game, and ensures that the customer will get exactly what they want. You can see it happening a lot, for example with shoes design website.

On these sites, the customer decides on what kind of shoe they want, and then they get to customize color, heel height, decorations and materials. The end result is the perfect shoe…or as close as it gets.

You have to keep in mind that if you go for this option, you will need to have all the materials on hand, from the heels to the decorations and the finishing touches. You’ll also need to be able to put them together and end up with a quality product that will last a long time.

The advantage of this system is that exclusive, designed products can be sold at higher prices, but you’ll also take longer to manufacture them than if you just had stock that needs to be shipped as soon as the order is placed.

Designs on Pre-made Products

Your second option doesn’t give the customer as much freedom to create, but it will certainly save you a lot of time and trouble. You can see an example of this form of personalized shopping in apparel and tee shops. In these cases, you’re selling a design that can be incorporated into a product, like a tee, tote bag, cup, or mouse pad and. And it’s the customer who decides what product they want.

If you are the one printing the designs on the products, it will still take a certain amount of time to get them ready, but not as much as creating them from scratch. On the other hand, you can decide to let a third party take care of it, like many designers do. That will mean that the third party will be taking a margin of the profits, but it also takes a huge load of work off your shoulders.

On the opposite side of this option, you can also become the third party mentioned that offers the base product. You can create apparel such as blank templates, and then let your customers personalize them with their own pictures or designs, giving them, once more, a unique and personal touch.

This option will be favored by those interested making gifs for special occasions at affordable prices. Any of these do-it-yourself options will make the design, as well as the offering, of your website unique.

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