How To Choose The Best Spy Camera

Once the legend of mystery novels and videos, spy cameras are now becoming more mainstream, and serve many purposes. The spy cameras and spy video cameras of yesteryear may have been expensive and produced sub-par quality photographs and video clips, but today’s spy cams offer high quality and fast technology at low prices.


A decent spy cam video may cost less than an entry-level DSLR, and will offer many more capabilities that are suited for security purposes.

Why use a spy camera?

Well, having a live video feed is useful in surveillance of a home or a business, and the evidence recorded from these devices can be very useful in prosecuting criminals.

If you choose to purchase a spy camera, make sure that you first research the types of cameras available, and be sure to pick one that isn’t just in your price range, but is also suitable for your needs. Basic models may not offer wireless connectivity or video recording, but they’ll take basic still photographs, which can be retrieved off of the camera’s internal memory or an inserted memory card.

Higher end models, on the other hand, may be able to stream recorded stills and videos wirelessly, and even allow for remote connections and streaming.

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