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Photoshop CS6 Shortcut Cheatsheet – Infographics

Photoshop CS6 is the next successive version of the Adobe Photoshop it retains all its features from the previous versions, and provides many new interesting features in CS6, such as a darker, User Interface, true vector Shape layers, Content-Aware Move tool, Adaptive Wide Angle correction, the Oil Paint filter, new brush tips, and more.

Getting familiar with the Photoshop CS6 is now really easy with the following infographic produced by ZEROLAG.  As we all know that when working in Photoshop CS6, sometimes very simple tasks can become a hindrance to your workflow. So, instead of wasting too much time to do the simple work, take a look at Photoshop CS6 Shortcut Cheatsheet by Zerolag . Photoshop CS6 Shortcut Cheatsheet guaranteed to speed up your workflow once you get the hang of them!

Here are many of Photoshop CS6’s keyboard shortcuts. Some of them are the little known, and many of them are hidden keystrokes! Whether you want to change the size of your image, size of your text, select a layer, deselect a layer, apply a filter or crop an image – we’ve got it covered! There’s also some handy hints for switching tools, selecting and viewing tools.

Photoshop CS6 Shortcut Cheatsheet

Check out the above infographic and you can also download the high resolution image by just clicking on it. Feel free to link to this Photoshop CS6 Shortcut Cheatsheet page to share it with others!

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