Protecting Data with EaseUS Backup Software

Too many people don’t recognize the importance of backups until they’ve lost their data. Unfortunately by then, it’s too late. It is therefore important to backup your data regularly to prevent losing them in the first place; when a catastrophic incident strikes, such as when a system crashes!


Remember the difference between a major catastrophic incident like a system crash and a minor inconvenience of performing a data backup; is the existence of a backup.

But how do you go about backing up your data, you have been working on for months or have collated for years? You may have earlier though about it and may have tried your hands on a few free backup software’s that did backed up your data, but not without adapting to a process of learning them in the first place.

It’s a well known fact s to be a way out, which can enable anyone to use free backup software without getting technically involved or undertaking inconvenient steps to do so. The answer lies in adapting EaseUS backup software. It is by far one of the most comprehensive and easiest to use free backup software solutions out there; supporting both file and image backup functions and; as well integrates seamlessly with every version of Windows.

It not only houses a plethora of tools and utilities; but most of them can be automated with few clicks as well; thereby requiring bare minimum effort in using it.

To begin with EaseUS backup software offers three popular editions namely:

  • Free
  • Home
  • Workstation

Based on your specific backup task requirement, you can choose any one of them.

However, its free edition includes more than enough features anyone would ever need in order to undertake any backup job on a daily basis. Highlights of its prominent feature set include:

  • One click system backup and recovery operation
  • Seamless disk(s)/partition(s)/GPT disk(s) imaging
  • Seamless disk and partition cloning
  • Supports full and incremental backup
  • Supports individual file and folder backup
  • Supports backing up to any optical media
  • Supports Wired/Wireless network data backup
  • Supports backup scheduling
  • Supports image splitting and compression
  • Supports data wiping
  • Supports easy disaster recovery operation
  • Features a fully integrated pre-boot recovery environment
  • Features  fully integrated emergency Linux bootable media
  • Supports mounting and un-mounting disk and partition image to a virtual partition
  • Enables efficient backup management through intuitive and easy to use interface, notable of which are:
    • Configurable backup operation priority
    • Backup image integrity verification
    • Schedule backup operation Indicator
    • Email Notification
  • Supports multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese
  • Supports Cloud Synchronization
  • Support for hard disk capacity up to 2 TB+
  • And much more!

On the performance side it performs backup tasks fast and efficiently without draining much system resources and thus fits most home user’s backup needs.


Apart from the feature set available in its free edition; EaseUS backup software also boasts additional features through its Home version which adds support for differential backup; event-based backup; integrated outlook backup and restore function;  supports system snapshots, Windows 7 Libraries backup/restore function; integrated Windows PE bootable disk ISO image and free tech support service.


However, if your backup needs are professional in nature and you need to use it for your business, then it would make much sense to choose the workstation version, which comes with out of the box support for many new features, apart from all the other features and functionality of the free and home editions, such as enhanced Physical to Virtual (P2V) copy and recovery function; support for backing, restoring and cloning dynamic volumes; enables recovery to disparate x86 hardware platforms and offers tools to backup data to tape as well.

Overall the free version of EaseUS Backup software offers a robust set of features with flexible backup options and reliable performance any home user would ever need in order to backup their data. However, if your backup needs and expectation are a bit on the higher side and professional in nature, look no further than opting for either the home or workstation edition.

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