RoseHosting Review : The Most Reliable and Affordable VPS Hosting

From scraps to a highly developed multinational company, RoseHosting.com has come a long way to get to where it stands today. Not just the first, but RoseHosting.com was the only web hosting Solution Company back in 2001 to offer commercial LINUX virtual servers.


And as of now, RoseHosting.com has grown to be globally renowned for its ace performance and superior quality. With a great deal of experience in the field of web hosting solutions that would push its competitor’s miles away, RoseHosting.com is equally famous for its much appreciated service and user-client interaction. Some of its popular customers are TechHit, Soundspectrum and Altarum Institute.

Unlike other web hosting solution providers who make fancy offers and promises to negotiate a deal with its customers, RoseHosting.com puts front a glass-like transparency regarding its policies and working manner. This way, buyers are granted with the peace of mind that they very much seek and so can rest their faith completely on them. By excluding overselling policies and too-good-to-be-true offers, RoseHosting.com serves its customers well by placing the best deal which checks with all their needs and requirements.

In order to put themselves under the radar of a larger group of buyers, a company must take initiatives to leverage its value in the business front, both off and online. Hosting a website is a common strategy used by many companies to increase their reach.

There are basically three types of web hosting available; shared hosting, dedicated hosting, Managed VPS hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server). While the first two are located at opposite ends of the hosting spectrum, VPS serves as an excellent bridge to pool the merits of both and hence setting itself as an ideal choice for most purposes.

By providing a combination of dedicated and shared resources, VPS creates the impression of a virtually dedicated system. Besides being highly cost effective, LINUX VPS available at RoseHosting.com grants plenty of other features such as generous disk space, appreciable bandwidth and high capacity RAM.

Sites based on File sharing and community driven websites must have appreciable amount of storage capacity or else they may face lack of available space. This is usually not the problem at RoseHosting.com as they provide a greater disk space to accommodate information in times of high trafficking.

Bandwidth is yet another criterion to decide whether to go for a particular hosting solution company or not. Even though large bandwidth is essential, a server may still crash in times of unexpected traffic overloading. This problem can be prevented by installing a high capacity RAM to monitor and ensure uninterrupted working of a server.

RoseHosting.com offers its customers with LINUX Virtual Private Servers. Although there are several other Operating Systems such as Widows, UBUNTU and so on, LINUX is widely preferred mainly due to its cost effectiveness. Further advantages of using LINUX over other OS’s are its stability, flexibility and higher security. And being an open source system, the hosting company need not even bare the software costs.

The high level of work transparency offered in RoseHosting.com cannot be found in any other hosting companies. Apart from that, they have an excellent uptime record of 99.99+ % since 2003.  All this and many other helpful features provided by RoseHosting.com, makes them an obvious choice for our website.

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