What Measures should be Taken If your iPhone is Stolen

Your iPhone or iPad probably posses most important things about you, photos, apps, contacts and communication details. What would you do if it’s stolen have you ever thought about it?


There are some preventive measures you can take in case your device is stolen to make the loss less destructive One should, always keep an eye on its surrounding, what is going around, is it safe or not..Thieves always target those who are sure about their surroundings, they make one tricky move and in a moment they steal your device directly from your hand, or they gently lift it out of your pocket or from your bag without. So one should always look out for those things what to do if something goes wrong.

Make a Pass-code Lock

Many researchers have advised user to always make a Pass-code lock on the phone so that nobody can access your apps and important data. Just make sure it is not easy to guess, passwords like 1234, can easily be hacked. So many of security advisors have always advised on having string passwords for your iPhone so that it makes difficult for the thief to guess the Pass-code.

Install an security application that lets you encrypt your text messages, photos and notes . Take full encryption to protect your data device options. You should also perform regular backups with iCloud. This way you can remotely access stolen device and data for recovery. It is always  good idea to Apple “Find My iPhone” download and install “finds my iphone” application from iTunes store.

Once you have downloaded the application, it is recommended to turn-on “Find My iPhone” application, and always keep it on. If you have turned it Off and you have lost you iPhone then you have reduced the chances of recovering your iPhone .

What Measures should be taken if your iPhone is already been stolen?

Notify Relevant Persons

The first step is to inform the authorities and all the people who need to know about your iPhone. Open a bulletin with the police, because without them, you will not be able to recover your device. The report can help when dealing with mobile operators and insurance companies.

Always inform your cell phone provider so you are not hooked for any charges for calls or data without your permission . Try to suspend or cancel your account, so the thief does not use your account for wrong ways. Also, file a claim with your insurance company to get the ball rolling on a replacement.

Notify your employer, especially if you use your device to download emails for work or for access to corporate data, so that, IT department how is managing your accounts will  block, so that thieves cannot use it . Finally, let your friends and family about the theft, so that they may send important emails to your account.

Device Tracking

If you installed Apple’s “Find My device” application in your device and it is enabled, , then you can go online and try to trace your iPhone. These services use possess GPS based tracking system which is quite helpful in finding the right location of your iphone on the map. Then, you can pass this information to the police. It is important to remember that you never have to face the thief on your own to recover stolen goods. Always inform the police to take necessary action.

Depending on the type of tracking application you’ve installed on your iPhone, you can easily take number of steps like remotely accessing you data on your phone, changing the Passwords on your phone or completely erasing your data after data backup.

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