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3 Best iPad Apps for Reading

Using an iPad to read books especially those with a wealth of illustrations is a kind of enjoyment. Download the books you are interested in to an iPad and read them whenever and wherever you want.

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Joshua Woods, one of the working staff at new discount vouchers as well as a book lover, has downloaded a couple of iPad apps for reading which he thinks terrific and thus he wants to recommend to you.


iBooks provides you with an easy way to download books with its iBooks Store which has a variety of books from picture books, art books, classic books, cookery books to Multi-Touch books full of photos, videos and other features.

iCloud allows you to put your books and PDFs to your personal documents, keep notes and highlights and see all your book collections on the bookshelf. And also iBooks is a great app for you to read like printing notes and PDFs you have saved in iBooks, sharing your book reviews on social media, adjusting the screen brightness, bookmarking the passages you like and other fantastic accessibility.


GoodReader is designed to enhance user’s reading experience. GoodReader supporting PDF and TXT files enables you to read books, maps, pictures and other virtual things on it. GoodReader offers you various ways to transfer your files, allowing you to create your copy and rename your files.

GoodReader is filled with features including PDF hyperlinks, more viewing area ideal for full screen reading, zoom perfect for PDF maps, text search easy for you to find the information and many more.

iWeekly for iPad

iWeekly for iPad renowned for insights and entertainments is a great app embracing news, fashion, culture and other fields. iWeekly for iPad has made some improvements lately which include interface with innovative design, great video presentation and interactive reading, some new iOS gestures, intelligent clearing cache functions, new added daily news column, icon to enter the Apple Newsstand zone and a lot more.

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