How to Create Your Own Email Domain

We all have heard about email Services like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc…. But have you ever thought about creating your own email domain? For those of you who are wondering what an email domain is, it is the address which comes after the ‘@’ in an email id. Eg: firstlady@whitehouse.gov.

own email domain

The thing about using these popular email services is that you can almost never get the email prefix you want and most paid services for an email domain charge you for a lot of services and resources you may not need.

If you are tired of paying extra charges and just want to pay for what you are going to use then there is someone who feels just like you do, David Hooper. David got tired of paying extra for services he didn’t need so created a system to create his own email domain after making his original email domain way back in 2004. Over the course of the years, he has had a lot of experiences in setting up his email domains.

He has been generous enough to share this knowledge and let others know how to set up their own email domain and pay just for the services they want whether it be for a personal email domain, a professional email domain, business email domain or a web based corporate hosted exchange email service.

By setting up and creating your own email domain, you will only be paying for the services you wish to utilize instead of paying for unnecessary storage space or extra email boxes you are not going to use.

For starters, he advices one to purchase a domain name and then to purchase a personal or business email package to go alongside with it. David has been really kind to share his personal experiences about how to create your own email domain.

In addition, since a lot of people are struggling with the economy and financial restraints are holding them back in today’s times, David has configured and chalked out a method for his reseller account to give as many free extras as possible to those purchasing their own email domain.

email domain

These email domains can be used for personal, business or professional use. The reseller service which he uses, gives a lot of free extras to people who purchase their own email domain. The extras are as follows- free hosting for a one page website with a website builder, a free online photo album and lots more.

When David first created his domain and email reseller account he was able to provide free basic email with a domain purchase. However, now the reseller does not permit him to do so. The free email is now available if you purchase hosting for a website along with the domain purchase.

New updates keep happening regularly in the virtual world. If you have any queries regarding setting up an email domain of your own, then you can get in touch with the man himself at http://ownemaildomain.net/. He’d be more than willing to help.

He has already reached out to a lot of people by posting about his experiences on various small websites. His experiences and problems while setting up his email domain will help you avoid making the same mistakes when first starting out. He offers a step by step approach for setting up an email domain. You can also purchase the domain at a very reasonable price. Just follow his steps.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t spend extra bucks on those email domains. Instead create your own email domain by following his guide at http://ownemaildomain.net

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