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Top Cricket Games for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Whether you own a tablet or a smartphone, Cricket is a game that works smoothly on both. It’s certainly addictive for those who know the ins and outs of the actual sport. Do you want to put your abilities to the ultimate test?

cricket games for android smartphones

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a newbie, and as long as you enjoy cricket and its fun side you’ll definitely have a blast. Let’s explore some of the best cricket games to try out on a tablet or smartphone.

Cricket Unlimited

Get ready for an exciting game of cricket and try out the newest Cricket Unlimited. There are 8 official international teams you can select from, as well as various achievements waiting to be unlocked. Fight for your country’s pride and benefit from the exclusive features of Cricket Unlimited.

Use the customizable quick mode menu to play instantly, select your difficulty level, tournament mode, and cricket team, and enjoy an unforgettable experience on your smartphone or Android tablet.

Stick Cricket

Are you ready to humiliate your enemies and become a cricket guru? Stick Cricket might seem like an easy game to play, but it’s definitely hard to master. Prepare yourself to dominate the world and surmount all 14 countries on your way to World Domination.

Gather your peers and team up against the best players in All Star Slog. You might have what it takes to win the World Cup, but are you ready enough to become a national hero?

Cricket World Cup Fever

One of the most intriguing and detailed cricket games for the Android is waiting for its avid players. Cricket World Cup Fever allows you to team up in 4 thrilling play modes and thus increase your chances to win the grand price. Whether you’d like to opt for the turn-based style of ‘pass-n-play’ or you want to stick to ‘powerplay’ ‘quick match’ or ‘world cup’, the experience will certainly exceed your expectations.

The game additionally features a multi-player where you’ll have the chance to customize your game by using various setting options – difficulty levels, match duration, venues, and more.

Cricket T20 Fever HD

If you haven’t played cricket in full HD before, now it’s the best time to try it out. The 3D graphics will exceed all your expectations, not to mention that the wide variety of modes will keep you engaged for hours.

Some of the game’s main features include a plethora of MOCAP animations, realistic ball physics, simple controls for bowling and batting, original batting modes such as the Quick Match, Trophy 2009, Power Play and more. Are you ready to become an expert at cricket? Give Cricket T20 Fever HD a chance to dazzle you.

IPL Cricket Fever

Experience cricket in full HD graphics, battle with your closest friends, and put your expertise to the ultimate test. The multi-player challenge, IPL team bonus, and beautiful layout will certainly convince you that the game is not just entertaining, but also really fun to play.

Among some of main features included in the game we have great power-ups, realistic ball physics and animations, in-game store, and numerous others. Pick your favorite team and give cricket a change to amaze you.

If you never imagined that cricket can be an exciting game, think again. Whether you’d like to enjoy the experience on a tablet or Android phone, don’t forget one thing – have fun.

Benefit from excellent graphics, 3D features and full HD, amazing teams, and real life experience in order to have the best time ever. Team up with peers or battle against them if you want because at the end of the day the goal is conquer the grand prize and become a winner.

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