Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Software

The company bottom line depends heavily on the effectiveness of its marketing strategy. Today there are sophisticated marketing automation software systems available that are effective in identifying prospects and turning them into paying customers.

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Being able to ask the right questions helps determine whether an automated system is a worthwhile investment for a company. If it is, the next step is determining the most appropriate system to implement.

Determining the Worth of a Marketing Automation Software

Automation software systems can range from platforms offering a complete range of services such as multichannel marketing management, analytics and budgeting, to simpler systems more appropriate for smaller companies. Regardless of the complexity of the system being considered, a decision still has to be made about whether the investment is worthwhile. Critical factors include:

  • A marketing database not being used to its fullest potential to identify and develop leads
  • A reasonable time to see a return on investment, taking into consideration what a system needs to accomplish in the next six to twelve months and its price range
  • Evaluation of the capabilities of the existing sales team, to ensure there will be smooth interaction between a new marketing approach and the sales process
  • Sufficient web traffic to receive value from marketing automation
  • Sufficient content to engage prospects and fuel an automated system

Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Software

With a business case in hand to support the implementation of an automated marketing system, the next step is to purchase the right system. The decision-making should be guided by:

  • Measurable and specific company business goals that will in turn identify the types of programs needed; for example, right now the company may need programs that support the sales effort, or focus on nurturing of leads and prospects
  • Identification of the resources needed to run needed programs efficiently
  • The steps involved in the implementation of these programs, including staffing, training and system requirements
  • Listing current capabilities and identifying which areas need most attention
  • Identifying gaps in capability

Such a gap analysis provides the starting point for a marketing automation software program. Because the need is well identified, results can be readily measured. The effort will have a good chance of success.

Having determined marketing automation software makes sense for the company, it is time to do research to find vendors who can provide the marketing capabilities currently needed. Schedule a demonstration with potential vendors to see how easily the software can be integrated into the current system and to define the support and training provided.

Before deciding on a vendor, be sure to check references, preferably with someone in a similar business. Negotiate a contract that specifies all deliverables, fees, technology and support. Answering all questions up front will mean fewer surprises or extra cost later.

Choosing the right marketing automation software will help focus sales and marketing efforts on changing visitors to the company website into paying customers.While initial implementation can be a challenge, working as a team will lead to success.

Marketing automation software will soon move the entire team and the company to new levels of success. Check out the options available from the marketing automation software company Sales Fusion at

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