Crucial Check List to Consider For Choosing a Hosting Service

While undertaking the project of building a website, the first and important step that needs to be taken by a webmaster is the choosing a web host provider. In order to place the website in the world of the dot com, a web host is essential. The web hosting service provides a space where the files of the website can be stored.


It also helps in directing traffic to the site, provides technical assistance, access to FTP, registration of domain name, tools for building the website, email services and firewall protection.

Parameters for free hosts

You will come across two types of web host one is the free one and the other is the commercial one. The determinants based on which you need to choose these hosts might differ based on the nature of the host, but they overlap to a great extent. While choosing a free web hosting service, the parameters that you need to keep in mind are

  • Advertising
  • Web space provided by them
  • Access to FTP
  • Limitation of the size of the file and the type of file to be uploaded.
  • The speed of access
  • PHP access
  • Allotment of bandwidth

Factors for choosing commercial hosts

Again, while choosing the commercial web host services a number of factors that influence the selection of a web host service are common. But, few factors that primarily influences the choice of a commercial web hosting service are

  • Data transfer- the commercial services, claim that they provide unlimited bandwidth, which in reality turns out to be a limited one.
  • Disk space- there are also schemes of unlimited disk space. Many websites do not require such an amount of web space, so it is advisable not to fall in that trap.
  • Technical support- it is important to make sure that you are provided with round-the-clock support even on the holidays and weekends.
  • While choosing the commercial one, you need to make sure that you have access to FTP and languages like PHP, MySQL, Perl and SSI.
  • In case, you have an e-commerce site then SSL is a must, so while availing a commercial web host service, and make sure that it has this provision.

Choose a suitable one

Based on your needs, you need to choose a web hosting service. All host services are not suitable for every website. Few of them have shared plans but do not have viable solutions for a startup business. So, it is advisable to analyze the expertise of the provider, prior to availing their services.

In case, you are planning to host a blog or a site for e-commerce then you should never opt for the cheapest packages that are available. It would not have sufficient RAM and disk space that will suffice your purpose. This will affect the time taken for downloading or upgrading different files.

Do not go for cheapest one

Opting for the cheapest package is always not the best idea. It is also important to compare different packages while availing different web hosting services.

It is always important to tally the price with features that they provide. These additional features make one company different from the other. Be it the multiple data centers, free services related to privacy of domain, data back-up, the web hosting companies often provide these services. If you spot a company that provides features and will suffice your need, then you can obviously go for it.

An important factor is that of compatibility. The server that they use need to be compatible with the device that you are using. Look out whether your server deals with spamming.

In case, if you have less technical know-how, make sure that the user interface is comprehensible, and you can figure out the methodologies like WordPress, or installing FTP.

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