HealthEdge : Integrated Financial and Administrative Software Platform for Healthcare Payers

The world around us has changed, so has the way it used to function. Every perspective is paid great attention when it comes to ensuring success of the business as well as the welfare of all the people connected with it.


When it comes to running any kind of business, there is a constant need of transferring money from one organization to the other. Since this money exchange is something very crucial and demanding, there is the need for flawless software which ensures easy and safe transfer of the pay checks. HealthEdge is one such business- related software which is widely used by lots of payors out there.

Why HealthEdge?

Speaking of business, health care and medicine is one genre which has grown many folds in the past few decades. To stay firm and ahead of others in this new and competitive health care market, you must provide an adaptive technology to your customers.

A technology which costs very less as well as is able to engage more members of the society is definitely what the world needs today. Apart from this, HealthEdge is one such software which improves the quality of outcomes as well as the care offered to the customers.

It also achieves regulatory compliances and supports the healthcare models of business to be used for the next generation as well. Above all, HealthEdge succeeds in offering support and confidence in their clients.

Benefits of using HealthEdge:

HealthEdge is so far the only software which provides a unique and standalone platform to its customers. A platform which is integrated, clinical in nature as well as offers proper administration is appreciated by everyone and this is exactly what you can expect from the HealthEdge software for the payors.

HealthEdge makes sure to fulfil almost each and every concern that you may be having related to your medical bills and methods of paying them off. Below are some of the assured benefits of using HealthEdge for payors:

  • Helpful in participating in HIX i.e. Health Insurance Exchanges.
  • Provides access to ACOs i.e. Accountable Care Organisations.
  • Enables various P4P i.e. Pay for Performance programs.
  • Ensures VBB i.e. Value Based Benefits.
  • Care coordination and Chronic condition initiatives.
  • Helps you in adapting to new standards, such as the ICD- 10.
  • Enables you to create a more efficient and functioning organization so that you can make the most of your goals and expectations.

Why you should go for HealthEdge?

Gone are the days when there was the need to use old satellite systems and expensive processes in order to meet all the goals and future programs related to any organization.

What customers need today is a next generation economy that specifically engages in making healthcare sector more convenient and trustworthy for the customers. This is also the main reason why HealthEdge has managed to attract customers all this while.

With the healthcare market going through constant changes, all the factors related to health and medicine are also being changed as well as furnished each day. HealthEdge helps the customers in differentiating themselves from others so that they can remain in the competition and benefit from the changing scenes of the healthcare market which is becoming much customer- centric with each passing day.

Apart from this, HealthEdge also offers a wide range of services so as to train and offer assistance to their customers in the most effective way possible.

If you want to explore more about this next generation Healthcare plan, then you should definitely consider going through the various resources and services that HealthEdge has in store for its customers, members, visitors as well as partners.

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