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Printfil: More than a Simple Printing Utility

Most jobs requires the use of multiple operating systems in addition to the standard Microsoft Windows. In such an environment, setting up a printer for each and every operating system can be quite cumbersome. Printing from DOS PRN are generally slow, noisy and expensive as well with very underwhelming performance. This is where Printfil comes in handy.


Printfil is a software application that allows printing to any Windows printers installed on the Windows Control Panel including USB, GDI, IP network printers, fax printers and PDF writers from operating systems such as DOS, UNIX, Linux and legacy applications running on a Windows computer via telnet, without making alterations to the original applications.


Users can manually set the applications to print to an ASCII file format or let Printfil capture one or more corresponding port (PRN: LPT1: to LPT9: concurrently), and redirect the printing tasks automatically to any printer even if a printer is physically joined to the captured port or your computer does not have any LPT ports physically installed.

Other various features provided by Printfil are:

  • This application includes a print preview mode than can be used for screening of the about-to-be-printed document and make adjustments if needed, saving time, paper and ink.
  • DOS printers are usually expensive. Even though one might be willing to pay the price, it does not perform accordingly and the number of features it provides is very limited. Thus, Printfil enables you to use GDI printers (Windows-Only) that are relatively cheaper and includes wide range of features.
  • Printfil allows colorizing the texts as well as merging of standard Windows image formats such as JPG, BMP, GIF and PNG files to the textual print jobs such as logos, invoices, letterhead, etc. in addition to WMF, .EMF, .BMP and .PDF that were already supported. This is necessary to eliminate the use of pre-printed forms and provide freedom in work.
  • Print jobs can be sent via fax directly by using any third party fax software such as Microsoft Fax or a multifunction all-in-one printer. This eradicates the need of printing the document and scan it.
  • Allows PDF exports as well as e-mailing with or without user interference even though it might be encrypted or password protected.
  • Instead of printing on the old dot-matrix 136-column printers, Printfil prints A4 landscape sheets that gives the documents a professional look.
  • Use printers connected to a particular network without using “NET USE” a LPT port.
  • Send complex printing jobs to legacy printers in RAW mode (including drawings and graphics) without having to look through the vast Windows drivers searching for the compatible one.
  • All the prints jobs are managed in an archive in a particular directory assigned by the user.
  • Supports all major Windows releases such as Windows NT/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8.
  • Any many more features.

Along with software, the service provided by the company is unrivaled. The customer service is top notch with operators online 24/7. Contacting with the manufacturer can be done in three simple ways i.e. by Printfil’s menu (the fastest option), email or the use of the support center. Regardless of the way you choose, all the requests will be answered within three hours or even less if it is not peak hour.

A free 30-day trial version can be downloaded from the official Printfil website. If the software fulfills your requirements then license copy be bought for USD 119.14 for one copy. There is a cheaper Personal Edition package which can be purchased for USD 73.90. The license fee will go down sharply if multiple number of license is purchased.

Note: Each single Printfil license allows you to run the software on a single workstation, which can print to several devices, even on a network.

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