Going Green With the Right Management Software

Managing resources is an important aspect of virtually any business. Although there are solutions for every aspect of business in today’s world, there are still some out there that rely on pencil and paper attached to a clipboard for tracking inventory or warehouse projects.

While this may be an effective way to maintain a record of your resources, is it conducive to an eco-friendly and sustainable future?


You don’t have to be a member of Green Peace in order to appreciate the significance of becoming more “green” in your business practices. Not only do most of these methods help protect the environment, but they can also protect your bank account in a wide variety of ways.

Everything from man-hours spent on projects to actual physical materials such as paper can be reduced to improve your monthly net income. The more money that is saved from these materials and situations, the better you can financially influence another aspect of the business such as advertising or providing up-to-date equipment and tools.

Having the right ERP software for your needs can make a profound difference in overall efficiency. Automated back office functions can reduce your overhead, free staff to accomplish other tasks and reduce the waste your business creates.

Whether you’re looking to save the environment or looking to keep additional money available for future growth, moving to the digital age can promote better business practices for continued success. Find a solution that works for you and begin reducing the waste in the organization today.

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  • The problem with ERP software is that it is so much more demanding and complicated than “pen and paper”. And I always see people pulling up reports on their MIS (management information system) or data warehouse screens and then … printing them for good measure. To my astonishment, thirty years after announcing the paperless office, paper use (and tree killing) are still on the rise. It would go a long way to tell people how to bookmark things, leave several tabs open and save links to relevant information …
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