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The office of a real estate developer or agency must be fully equipped to research every new piece of land they purchase. Land developments can bring jobs to a blighted area, and these same projects can provide housing for many people.


However, the land that is used to build these structures must be inspected before it is put into use. A survey team sent from the office with appropriate tomography equipment can return quick answers to the executives making the decisions.

Checking The Land

Real estate developers purchase land based on its location and price. However, location and price do not indicate what is underneath the land that was purchased. A team from the office must take geophysical images of what is under the ground to ensure the land is being used for the right purposes. Tomography gear offers instant images that can be examined by the office on the spot.

Using The Land

Tomography equipment also influences how the land will be used. A company that discovers a small mineral deposit on their land may not bother to mine the deposit. Small deposits are not necessarily profitable.

However, large mineral or precious metal deposits can be extremely profitable to a business. There are times when these deposits will produce more revenue than a large building. Geophysical images help to determine if the deposit is large enough to mine profitably.

Land Stability

Businesses that erect housing and large buildings want to ensure their buildings are standing on stable ground. Sinkholes could be years away, and the developer would have no idea without proper tomography imaging. A simple surveying trip from the office will show how steady the ground is, and the images can show the depth at which gaps in the soil occur.

Using tomography equipment to survey large land purchases is the only responsible way to use new land purchases. Businesses should shop now for tomography gear that will tell them what is on the land they have purchased. Teams from the office can survey in the field and use their computers to send images back to the office for further evaluation.

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