Web Hosting: Cloud Systems and Redundancy

The upsides to cloud computing are huge when it comes to web hosting; people often think of cloud computing in terms of business applications, but you are basically using the same system whenever you host a website on a remote server. You can transfer files to that server when you need to, and anyone with the Internet and the right passwords can log in and look at those files – and edit them – if they so desire, no matter where they are.


This allows your design team to work on the site from all over the world. This flexibility is great, but another one of the huge upsides is the redundancy that is built into the system, by which your files are stored in multiple locations.

Basically, this is an advanced way of making backup files. They are automatically backed up on various servers at the same time. If one of the servers crashes or fails, your files are still there because they are in other locations. You can still access them, and they can be transferred back to the failed server after it has been fixed.

You still make want to have the files on your own computer as well, just to give yourself that much more peace of mind, but having them on the various servers should mean that you never need your own backup files.

You can even save files as you overhaul your site. It is possible to create hidden folders for these old files. The people who visit your site are only going to see the most current version, but those folders will retain the older data for you so that you can reference it if need be.

This is nice when you first overhaul a site because there are going to be things that are overlooked. You could forget to put up all of the proper contact information, for example, so that customers cannot get in touch with you. By going to the old files, you can easily grab that information and paste it into the new pages so that everything is updated properly.

All of your files, whether they are in use or just being stored for reference, are going to be backed up in the same fashion when you work with Cal Net or a similar company.

This makes your site very robust, ensuring that it will always be active. Even a server crash is not going to take it offline and have a negative impact on your company. Consider checking out a site like www.calnettech.com, for example, to learn more.

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