5 Best Over-Ear Headphones

Music has the power to change a person’s mood instantly. Some of us enjoy music loud and clear. Earphones with their tiny earbuds are just not enough to reach the level of satiety. Sometimes, all you need is a great over-ear-headphones.

As a fan of loud music, I personally prefer Over-Ear Headphones, for various reasons. After having gone experienced listening to music with every possible headphones I could find, I have shortlisted 5 great Over-Ear Headphones. Enlisted below are the five best over-ear-headphones.

You can buy your favorite over-the-ear headphone from the below list, and if you don’t want to buy the new one then check this classified ads in Bangladesh and get yourself the best Over-Ear Headphones in your budget.

Audeze LCD3

Ranging approximately between $2000 to $3000, Audeze LCD3 is worth every penny you pay for. Although expensive, this pair of classy headphones is so enchanting, that you wouldn’t regret. The sound buzzing out of the headphones is absolutely unparalleled. It is truly incredible and oh so realistic.


With these headphones plugged into your ears you will definitely not miss a single beat. Unlike most headphones, the Audeze LCD3 use planar magnetic drivers and not the ancient traditional drivers.

The Audeze LCD2 variation is slightly cheaper costing about $1000 only. But I sincerely advice you to choose LCD3.

Bose QuietComfort 15

This incredible pair of headphones will cost you approximately $300. Popular as the QC15, the headphones may not provide as amazing audio quality, but it certainly is far better than most of the other headphones available in the market.


The headphones offer features such as noise cancelling, which eliminates the background noises as you talk into the microphone. The processor inside the headphones is responsible for eliminating the ambient sound. It is the best travel headphones.

As mentioned earlier, it works excellently. QC15 is an amazing pick for people who are cannot afford something expensive, but cannot settle for waste headphones. It also works incredibly while traveling. So if you are a travel buff, with a passion for music, QC15 is the right choice for you.

Parrot Zik

What can you expect from a pair of headphones of $400? Impeccable sound quality? Flawless noise cancelling? Stunning looks? Well Parrot Ziks offers all the above three in one headphone.

The headphones come with microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, so that you can flaunt your headphones, making a style statement everywhere you go.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, it is even better than Bose, Parrot Ziks is slightly heavier than the famous PSBs. Parrot Ziks is your one stop to sound quality, clarity and style all blended into one headphone.


Like QC15 and many other headphones, PSB M4U1 will cost you about $300. But this is not just another $300 heaphones. PSB M4U1 has a reputation for unmatched clarity and sound quality. Plug this pair of headphones to your favorite tune, and I’m sure you’ll be lost in a world of your own.


You cannot get such remarkable headphones at such a reasonable price. Yet it’s worth a little more than what you pay for. PSB M4U1 is one of my personal favorites.

Sony MDR-V6/MDR-7506

Moving on to something that fits everybody’s budget. We all desire to spend less and get more. Sony makes this one dream come true, with its two varieties of headphones that provide almost studio recording type sound quality.

Well, as a matter of fact, many radio stations and recording studios use this pair of headphones while monitoring a session.

Sony MDR-V6

The advantages of buying Sony Over-Ear Headphones are that these are reliable, cheap, provide superior sound quality, and they are literally and practically indestructible. The company also provides the headphones with replaceable earpads.

Sony, in my belief is the best deal one could ask for, since it costs about $80 to $90 only. Now, you can enjoy studio type headphones at such a cheap price.

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  • I truly agree that music can change a person’s mood instantly. Music has the magic of giving peace and rest to people. In listening music also people have different tastes like I prefer loud music.

    As loud music is not everybody’s favorite, I definitely must use ear phones . But that experience of loud bass doesn’t comes on small bud size ear phones. We need a truly over head phones which gives an excellent experience of music. The list you provide is great . I guess The boss and the Sony are the best among the list. I already got a Sony head phone and it is awesome. Never tried the boss head phone.

    Great post and thank you for sharing.
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  • hi vishal,

    you post good article but if u can review it more details it will be very good article
    but anyways thanks for the information you give it really usefull too

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