Blogging Blunders That Can Ruin Your Business and How to Fix These

A strong online presence is necessary for a business to thrive amidst cutthroat competition. Because most information is disseminated through the internet, connecting to the market through an online platform is necessary.

Blogging Blunders

Starting a blog to state your company’s vision, services and ideas is the best way to build your profile. To get you started with a powerful business site, here are some blogging blunders you should never do:

Failing to understand your readers

The biggest blog mistake you can commit is when you write for yourself and not your audience. Forgetting who your audience is and what they need might put your blog (and business) to a big slumber. This will not only affect your sales but also your reputation as a company.

To deal with this, know who your target market is; don’t just identify them, connect with them. With proper research and survey, you create an idea of the age bracket of your market, their interests and how all these information connect to your brand.

You can then write compelling posts, valuable information and significant lessons that will relay the message your company wants to.

Failing to provide high-quality contents

Posts, first of all, are not fillers of your site but the essential part of it. It is the core that gives life to the body, the soul of your website.

Focusing on bombarding your readers with a number of posts daily just to fill your bucket with musty water will do your business no good. And you are thinking why your SEO tactics don’t work or that your page views are hitting rock bottom? Shift your view to your posts.

Readers need to be able to connect and interact with you. Inform them with new knowledge they might be craving for, take them out of their misery with an entertaining post or at least inspire them to better themselves in more ways than one. When you craft high-quality contents, then you can be sure that people will be flocking not only in your blog but your sales as well.

Being overly promotional

If your main purpose for creating a blog is simply to sell your products, then that’s ok (although if that’s your mindset, then you’d have missed out on the other important benefits of having one).

Telling the world about how amazing your product is, is without a doubt a solid strategy. But if you over promote your product, know that you’re simply polluting the net and chances are, you’ll end up damaging your reputation instead.

To prevent this from happening; there are several techniques that you can implement. A technique that top notch marketers use is adding multiple streams of content type on your site. An example would be a site for football bets.

Instead of just showing content about the betting system/data, you can also add some general sports updates. That way, your site’s content is diversified preventing your readers from thinking that you’re being overly promotional with the betting info since you’re also giving them general sports updates.

Remember that blogging is not for you but for your readers, especially if you’re using this as a medium to sell your brand. Always think of what your audience needs to what you feed them with. When you put them on top of your priority then you can be sure that your blog will fulfill its purpose.

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  • Cheers Vishal,

    I’m just new to creating my own website now trying to work out SEO, It’s not that easy but articles like this really help out a newbie such as myself…
    Two thumbs up!!!


  • Hey Vishal,

    I agree and I believe that failing to understand your audience is probably the most crucial and dangerous point, if your business offers many services try grouping your posts under different categories to correspond with each service, also you want to make sure the navigation between categories is straight forward and easy.

    Blog posts won’t increase your business sales in a direct approach but engaging your audience first then advertising to them will.
    You have to engage with your audience then they have to trust you before they will do business with you, and blogs are excellent for that purpose.
    Many thanks and Best wishes.
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  • Hi bro

    i am new to this blogging field and i got many useful information from your helped me a lot and definitely it wil help many newbies like me..thank’s for sharing hope to listen more info from you

  • Hi Vishal,
    Such a great post, and is a must-read for all bloggers. So many bloggers start out and try to build momentum not following these tactics, and it’s much harder. Some are still successful doing it their own way, but following these guidelines would save them from a lot of headaches and they would earn much more money in the long-run.
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