Make the Content Accessible Across Different Media with HTML5

HTML5 is the newest version of the hypertext markup language that was launched in the year 1990. This fifth version of HTML aids to improve the language so that it can support the latest multimedia activities and can keep the texts readable for the users. The present version is designed such that it can work across Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablet or PC.


It was designed such that interactive contents can be viewed without the help of a plug-in. Movies, music, graphics and animations all are delivered by this version and these can be utilized to build various sites and applications. HTML5 has replaced the earlier versions of the markup language effectively.

Features in this version

One among the few of the features of HTML5 that are worth mentioning is Web Workers. It is unlike other applications where you have to use heavy scripts for various functions rather it uses a different background thread that does not hamper the activity of the web page. Embedding video is easy in this markup language as you do not need any third party plug-in.

Canvas allows web developers to render the graphics and for this also you do not need any plug-in. Another feature is the Application caches that work similar to that of cookies. Geolocation is another feature of HTML5 and this used specifically for mobile devices.

Create a dynamic site

The rise in the use of the HTML5 has been noticed by the website developers. This is because this new version now serves as the new standard that defines the field of web designing.

The majority of the web browsers support this version of the markup language and the designers can use various features that can result in a dynamic website. Be it creating plug-in, or user interface for mobile or carousel everything can be done with this markup language.

Faster than earlier versions

Major reason of using HTML5 is that it is cheaper and faster than the earlier versions. In comparison to the older versions, the web developers can emphasize on the functionalities with the help of advanced technologies and tools. This helps to speed up the process. The use of both HTML5 and CSS3 has changed the arena of web designing.

Both of these together help to create effects like rounded edges, animations and shadows with the help of appropriate coding and not by the slicing techniques of image. CSS3 and HTML5 work together to increase the fun factor and reduces the time of development.

Takes less time to load

As a result, you can create websites that have less number of files and take less time for loading and downloading. This can make the site visually pleasing and enhances the user experience. Functions that were not possible in the earlier version of the markup language are now possible.

For instance, if you opt for animation, you do not need to take help of extra plug-in rather with the help of CSS3 you can do the same seamlessly. Different features of the HTML5 helps to create various web-based applications conveniently. You can create an application for both websites and applications with the help of HTML5.

Compatible to different platforms

Another reason for the soaring popularity of the use of HTML5 among the developers is it even compatible to mobiles. It can be deployed both in the mobile devices and desktop.

Users can access content through various media now. HTML5 is supported across different browsers so even if the mobiles are supported by different operating system, the markup language is compatible with the platform of the device. The major web browsers support this version of the markup language and they have initiated to incorporate the features of the same into their latest version. Thus, it is a great way to make accessible to the readers.

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  • HTML5 sounds great, Craig! With all those improvements, it does sound like a big improvement to its predecessors. Thanks for sharing this, Craig! I can’t wait to try it out myself!

  • HTML5 is the future and its going to be the key technologies powering the app ecosystems . One of the main issues with html as well as html5 and related technologies like css is the stability and inconsistency. different pages looks dissimilar in different browsers . Hope w3c will make the web stable some day
    arjun recently posted..Full page repeating grid pattern with pure HTML5 canvasMy Profile

  • Great post! Html 5 , the new improvised version, could help solve all the problems faced with the earlier version. It sure is speedy and the compatibility across browsers/ OS would definitely give it an upper hand. Thanks for sharing this awesome data!
    Kathy Mathis recently posted..5 Engaging Super Cool Android GamesMy Profile

  • With proper infusing of HTML 5, the website developers can make the content accessible from any software and at any point of time. This can also be stated as the latest version of the hypertext markup languages, which is now gaining popularity, on a global platform and with every passing day. The latest version is designed in such a manner so that it ca easily work under the Smartphone, TV, PC and Tablet version. The present features of HTML5, offered the best competitions like no one else. The segment will allow the developers to render some of the best graphics of all time and with extra plug-in services, for your use.

  • Great Read! Thank you for such great article on HTML5 features and its uses in website designing. Web Design NYC here in New York has imposed that the website designing should be done in HTML5.
    As HTML 5 is the new standard of the previous version 4, HTML 5 offers more enough options through tags that can reduce the use of external plugins like Flash, additional programming scripts, we can create animations and vector drawings using the tag canvas, and many more interesting features that are discuss here in this article.
    This article has really helped me and will be curious to read your other post as I am a constant visitor to your blog.

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