5 Reasons why Phablets are Fabulous


July 29, 2014Gadgets Mobile15 Comments

A phablet is a combination of a smart phone and a tablet, and devices such as the Galaxy Note 3 have earned themselves this name as they combine the functionality of a phone with the size of a small tablet.

Many users are finding out that bigger is actually better and are purchasing phablets as an alternative to having separate devices for varying functions. If you are in any doubt as to the benefits of a phablet we’ve outlined the top 5 reasons why these hybrid devices are a great choice.


Screen size

The screen size of any phablet is always going to be a good selling point, and with Samsung’s Note 3 display measuring 5.7 inches it’s easier to see why working or watching a movie on this device is so much more enjoyable than on a smart phone. Surfing the net is also a great experience as the text is bigger and there is no need to enlarge sections of a page to read what is written.

Faster typing

SwiftKey predictive keyboards may be available on many other smartphones but on a phablet it really performs at its optimum. The keyboard size allows for easy typing, and instead of constantly having to choose an auto-corrected word the errors seem fewer and typing is much faster.

Great gaming

A phablet offers tablet-sized gaming with the convenience of a smart phone and playing games at sites like MobileSlots.net is an incredible experience. The larger screen size makes navigation and response time faster and games that make use of maps or other full-sized features can be played with ease.

Perfect photos

Many phablets have great quality cameras of 13-megapixels or more, and the bigger screen is ideal for looking at just -taken images. It’s also far easier to edit or add filters and effects to an image on a bigger screen, meaning that you can enhance your images with ease and do not have to transfer them to a tablet or PC for reworking.

Writing made easy

Whilst some smart phones offered the functionality of writing on the screen then being converted to text, the display was too small to really be efficient. With phablets that offer this feature it’s so much easier to write full sentences and you can capture your thoughts, make notes or send messages using the stylus.

15 Responses to “5 Reasons why Phablets are Fabulous”
  1. These phablets look really good, but their size (between a phone and a tablet) makes me wonder why i should buy one instead of a tablet since everybody already has a phone

  2. joseph

    Thanks for giving a clear view about phablets

  3. Gatwick Taxis

    very nice well written informative article
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Chirurgie plastique

    Well designed phablets i have to say but i don’t think it’ll fit in my pocket !
    Chirurgie plastique recently posted..Medecine esthetique en Tunisie : Dr ZiliMy Profile

  5. Sagar

    Nice post

    Smartphones and tablets are one of the best inventions at present time. Mostly everybody uses a smartphone or a tablet. But i would like to prefer a phablets which is calling tablet. It is not a good idea of carrying a smartphone along with tablet. There are many uses of a phablet like, easy typing, gaming, easy access to anyone, multi tasking, etc. You just have to carry one device for all your needs.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted..Top 30 Biggest, Common Job Search mistakes you can avoidMy Profile

  6. Kathy Mathis

    Fablets have gained so much prominence these days. It’s almost like having your laptop on your cellphone. I especially adore Note 3 for some pretty decent gaming experience it can provide.
    Kathy Mathis recently posted..NVIDIA Shield Tablet for GamersMy Profile

  7. mohammad naeem

    Smartphones and tablets are one of the best inventions at present time. Mostly everybody uses a smartphone or a tablet. But i would like to prefer a phablets which is calling tablet. It is not a good idea of carrying a smartphone along with tablet. When i hear about Phablets i thought that it is just a rubbish invention. But after reading this article i knew that it is a great device. Now i think that phablet is good then tablets. But what about the newly created Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Please write an article about it too. I think that it will be good. Actually Samsung a much better company than the others. By the way nice article and a nice review about phablets. I’ll be visiting your site to view more and get more information about the new tech. Have a nice day ! Vishak Gaikar.
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  8. Ankit Jaiswal

    All the functionality of tablet and smartphone come with a single embedded devices , plus additional functions of calling, GPS and so on. Its like carrying a notebook , with reduced size and a Big screen. Awesome work, so many phablets come with different platforms, but the most popular is Google’s android, which is an updated platform, designed with advanced technologies.
    It is pack which meets all your need.

  9. cab service Richmond VA

    Great read!! Having a phablets now a days is a great experience and having two in one gadget can be very convenience to everyone now a days. Thank you for posting!
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  10. Alok Krishali

    Yes, Phablet is Best than other Devices but It is big. Can’t carry in pocket..But it is best for office and Home Use..

  11. Alvin Setiawan Rusli

    phablets become populer these days because their screen size between smartphone and tablets
    and anyone who think that smartphone 5inch is to small and 7inch to large will buy this phablets..
    and im agree with ur article that said phablets is good for game, cause a lot of people use a phone to play a game to

  12. James Monroe

    The size of a phablet is a double edged sword; it makes for easier use and a more pleasurable experience but you can’t fit it in your pocket, so you always need something to carry it in.
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  13. Sam Huang

    I have never heard of a Phablet before, I am amazed at how fast things change. predictive keyboards, though, can make simple tasks take much longer.
    And how would you carry it? it won’t fit in a pocket!
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, though, Vishal
    Sam Huang recently posted..Things kids enjoy about living in Point GreyMy Profile

  14. Lonnie Hoover

    The purpose of a phablet is to act as an all-in-one device. Rather than splitting your content across multiple devices that may not be in sync, a phablet should be an all-purpose device that has enough space to store all of your content.
    Bigger, and sometimes better display because of the extra available space. Better utilization of pixels. Much better multimedia performance. Usually come with better (more powerful) processors as compared to smartphones Better gaming experience; enough space to view and control gameplay. Better readability due to enough spacing between words. Web browsing and e-book reading experience greatly improved.

  15. Nitin

    Phablets are indeed Good but they have to well designed as well just Like Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
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