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ASKME Android Application Review : The Bapp of all Apps

The advancement in technology and devices, have led to the increase in demand of apps on the phone. Users these days need lot of conveniences on their phone, and it is best suited when all of it comes in a single app. The apps having all the features like shopping, business, entertainment, education, hotels or restaurants within it are the one which is in major demand these days and once you get it you would be eager to have it on your phone.


ASKME Android app is a mind blowing application which has been introduced by Getit Infoservices Ltd. with awesome features in it; this makes your life a lot easy when it comes to surfing or searching for different things which may be required in your day to day life.

This app is an informative one, which brings the information from different areas of the world at one place for you. Hence it has been graded as one of the best applications lately. So there is good news for all the android users, as you may now be able to download the app for free from the Google play store and that too for free. So users stop by for using this application for surfing information you may need.

Uses of ASKME Application

  • The fastest search filter, which gives you detail of the various business houses near your location.
  • The best deals are offered to you at best prices.
  • The ads can also be looked at, and especially by those who are looking for business, cars or any property.
  • Add reviews about how you found the services of specific business houses, and also look into the reviews of other people to get the required information.
  • Get every detail of the contact information of the business houses.
  • The contact information and other details can also be shared on social networking sites and other media with your friends and acquaintances.

Designed specifically for users

The app has been designed as per the conveniences of the users and believe me if you are using this app you will get the maximum satisfaction from it. It does not take much of the space on your phone, and not only is this it too fast when it comes to functioning.


The inputs and outputs are given by the phone in no time, which means it saves your time while surfing on internet. The search is the most refined one, and according to your specifications.


  • It has become an alternative to search engine, and search on browsers is no more required. You are not even required to go to the homepage while searching for new things.
  • It has been designed in the best possible way, making it both attractive and useful for the users.
  • The size of the app is minimal, and also not occupies much of the space on your phone, or much of your MBs while downloading the searches for you.
  • Interface as has been appreciated by almost all the users, just because it is too simple to use.

How to download the app

Android users, you can download the app for free from Google Play. So guys what are you waiting for, get this wonderful app now and experience the fun of surfing today where your search has been made much simpler and specific just perfect according to your expectations.

Once you have this app it would be difficult to imagine your life without this app; you will be surfing on internet on different websites in order to get the information, which can be a bit difficult for you to do. But once you have it, all your problems will be solved for lifetime.

Download ASKME Android app

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